Lumada Video Insights

Transform video into insights, combined with internet of things (IoT) and business data to gain comprehensive intelligence for your operations or business.

Boost Video Capability

Deliver insights for data-driven decisions using video from the physical world: from traffic and parking, to customer behavior and preferences, to manufacturing quality assurance, and more.

Video Analytics

Transform video into business, operational and safety intelligence with computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI).

Extensive Insights

Get a 360-degree understanding of your operations using holistic insights from video, IoT and business data.

Storage and Management

Manage the high volume and speed of video with solutions built for its unique needs.

Customer Stories

Curtin University

“University optimizes classroom and campus usage, empowers students and prevents test fraud.“

Curtin University

You’re in the Right Place!

Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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