Lumada Data Lake

Build your next-generation data lake to control the cost and complexities of big data.

Next-Gen Data Lake

If you’re looking for an enterprise solution to reduce the cost and complexities of big data, Lumada Data Lake offers cloud-native integration, curation and catalog on a cost-effective, multicloud object store with self-service management that requires little or no coding.

Control Data Lake Costs

Gain a scalable data foundation built on a cost-effective and metadata-rich cloud storage platform.

Curate, Catalog and Govern

Easily discover, understand and use data for analytics and governance.

Self-Service Management

Use built-in dataflows to automate self-service management and collaboration between stakeholders.

Highly scalable, cost-effective object storage

Integrates structured and unstructured data

Multicloud data management flexibility

Self-service curation and cataloging

Secured data management for the enterprise

Provided through Lumada Data Services

Product Architecture

Lumada Data Lake - Product Architecture

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