Print Specifications

Global-Active Device

Support Specifications
Global-Active Device Management
Hitachi Command Suite v8.0.1 or later
Max. Number of Values (Creatable Pairs)
Max. Pool Capacity
Max. Volume Capacity
46MB to 59.9TB
Supporting Products in Combination with Global-Active Device (all on either side or both sides)
Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, Hitachi Dynamic Tiering, Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, Hitachi ShadowImage Replication, Hitachi Thin Image, Hitachi Universal Replicator with delta resync
Campus Distance Support
Can use any qualified path failover software
Metro Distance Support
Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager is required unless ALUA (Asymmetrical Logical Unit Assignment) standard support is available
Systems supported for global-active device intermix
VSP G800 to VSP G600 
VSP G600 to VSP G400
Systems supported for global-active device and Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR) intermix
VSP G1000 to global-active device to VSP G1000 to HUR to VSP G800 

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