Data Tiering

  • Automate data movement for the best ROI and performance for your changing workloads
  • Simplify the data-tiering process to improve application performance, speed administration time and control costs
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Hitachi Content Intelligence

  • Easily ingest and unify data from multiple sources to one centralized location
  • Transform data into relevant business information and a competitive advantage
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Hitachi Content Platform

  • Unify data with cost-effective object storage software to organize, preserve and govern vast data repositories through intelligent policy-based management
  • Deliver differentiated cloud storage services and securely incorporate hybrid cloud – on your terms – to react faster to change and reduce costs
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Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

  • Synchronize, share and protect user data with a mobility platform that drives greater collaboration and employee productivity
  • Get new levels of visibility and control of corporate data so you can eliminate risk and concerns of data loss from BYOD use
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Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Edge

  • Adopt a secure cloud gateway solution that simplifies anytime, anywhere file access
  • Deploy file services in minutes with a low-cost, plug-and-play, easy-to-manage solution designed for both enterprises and service providers
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Hitachi NAS Platform

  • Comprehensive storage solutions for distributed enterprise and data center application workloads, HNAS systems are optimized for Oracle, VMware and Microsoft deployments
  • Simplify data management with policy-driven migration tools to public and private clouds, as well as increase consolidation and scalability using VSP F1500 for transaction-intensive deployments
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Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF

  • Transform to new levels of availability, automation and agility with a system that enables advanced data service functions and management
  • Boost operational efficiency and achieve higher ROI on IT infrastructure investments while minimizing operational costs
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC Series

  • Supercharge your virtualized environment with a hyperconverged (HC) system to increase agility and lower costs
  • Within minutes, get orchestration and automation capabilities that save time and resources, and reduce manual errors
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series

  • Accelerate delivery of applications with flash performance, penalty-free compression and faster response times
  • Speed workloads and applications and resolve complex IT business challenges with robust, automated data management and protection
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

  • Improve IT agility to innovate and achieve business outcomes faster with leading application and virtualization integration 
  • Eliminate outages that risk revenue and your reputation with the industry’s only 100% data-availability guarantee
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform N Series

  • Optimize large, mixed workloads for Microsoft®, VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVol) and other virtual server environments with the most cost-effective, high-performance storage solution
  • Reduce costs with deduplication and save valuable time and space resources by taking advantage of feature-rich capabilities
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Mainframe Storage

  • Leading storage capabilities enable control to optimize mainframe storage service levels for maximum flexibility in business application requirements
  • Proven, fast and compatible flash storage for critical mainframe environments
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Storage Management

  • Simplify operations and better align storage resources with dynamic business requirements
  • Reduce operations management costs and accelerate time to delivery of services
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Storage as a Service

  • Fully managed, pre-engineered storage solutions with consumption-based pricing, guaranteed service levels with End-to-end support for all data types with object, block and file storage.
  • Accelerated deployment time, and time to desired service levels with budget savings from reducing unused capacity and assurance of achieving desired service levels.
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