Co-creation Services

  • Amplify your cross-domain expertise with Hitachi and partners to co-create and tailor innovative solutions for your business
  • Achieve better results through comprehensive services that intelligently balance customization and quick delivery
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Converged Infrastructure from Cisco and Hitachi

  • This intelligent Converged Infrastructure helps you anticipate and navigate challenges as you grow
  • Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) ensure superior performance and resiliency
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Converged Management Software

  • Build unified, intelligent, converged infrastructure management and simplify the administration of your IT infrastructure
  • Reduce converged infrastructure administration and troubleshooting costs with tightly integrated system orchestration
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Data Protection as a Service

  • Pre-engineered, end-to-end backup and remote replication solution lowers risk in deploying data protection in new environments and provides guaranteed service-level outcomes from day one.
  • Transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing, multiple service levels and fully managed delivery provides shorter operator learning curve, greater control and confidence in price and protection.
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Data Tiering

  • Automate data movement for the best ROI and performance for your changing workloads
  • Simplify the data-tiering process to improve application performance, speed administration time and control costs
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Global-Active Device

  • Multisite, active-active storage clusters simplify your recovery challenges with a single, unified platform
  • Ensure continuous data availability in a distributed environment with the global-active device feature of Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF(SVOS RF)
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Hitachi 3D Lidar Sensor

  • Delivers full visibility of the physical world with real-time, 3D insights that drive efficiency and improve resource use across industries without collecting personal information
  • Offers granular, privacy-protected, real-time insights that inform business operations, safety, manufacturing quality and more to help create smart spaces globally
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Hitachi Automation Director

  • Simplify storage provisioning operations with automated management workflows that improve IT productivity and increase service-level objectives
  • Quickly deploy new technologies and services that accelerate time to market with lower costs and TCO
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Hitachi Content Intelligence

  • Easily ingest and unify data from multiple sources to one centralized location
  • Transform data into relevant business information and a competitive advantage
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Hitachi Content Platform

  • Unify data with cost-effective object storage software to organize, preserve and govern vast data repositories through intelligent policy-based management
  • Deliver differentiated cloud storage services and securely incorporate hybrid cloud – on your terms – to react faster to change and reduce costs
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Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

  • Synchronize, share and protect user data with a mobility platform that drives greater collaboration and employee productivity
  • Get new levels of visibility and control of corporate data so you can eliminate risk and concerns of data loss from BYOD use
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Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Edge

  • Adopt a secure cloud gateway solution that simplifies anytime, anywhere file access
  • Deploy file services in minutes with a low-cost, plug-and-play, easy-to-manage solution designed for both enterprises and service providers
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Hitachi Data Instance Director

  • Simplify all your recovery challenges from a single unified platform with business-defined data protection
  • Cut the cost, complexity and risk to meet your service-level requirements with advanced copy management techniques
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Hitachi Data Protection Suite, powered by Commvault

  • Orchestrate multiple, complex data protection operations under one management interface
  • Eliminate the need for separate point products and save significant time and resources as you reduce cost
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Hitachi In-System Replication Bundle

  • Move data protection to the modern era with full-volume cloning and space-efficient snapshots 
  • Run business-critical applications and services with fast or full copies and no business interruption 
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Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor

  • Gain insights into your IT infrastructure and applications with a scalable repository that delivers customized, optimal storage service levels for critical business applications
  • Increase storage investment ROI with better administrative efficiency, reduced downtime and lower operational costs
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Hitachi NAS Platform

  • Comprehensive storage solutions for distributed enterprise and data center application workloads, HNAS systems are optimized for Oracle, VMware and Microsoft deployments
  • Simplify data management with policy-driven migration tools to public and private clouds, as well as increase consolidation and scalability using VSP F1500 for transaction-intensive deployments
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Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF

  • Transform to new levels of availability, automation and agility with a system that enables advanced data service functions and management
  • Boost operational efficiency and achieve higher ROI on IT infrastructure investments while minimizing operational costs
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI Series

  • Support your data-driven digital transformation journey with a dynamic, scalable, converged infrastructure (CI) for all enterprise workloads
  • Take advantage of systems that allow you to flexibly grow storage, server and network independently to meet changing business requirements
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC Series

  • Supercharge your virtualized environment with a hyperconverged (HC) system to increase agility and lower costs
  • Within minutes, get orchestration and automation capabilities that save time and resources, and reduce manual errors
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS Series

  • Simplify your hybrid cloud with an agile and secure software-defined data center (SDDC) powered by VMware Cloud Foundation
  • With this rack-scale (RS) series, speed application development and delivery while enjoying turnkey delivery of a software-defined data center
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Hitachi Video Analytics

  • Get automated alerts for intrusion and object detection, facial recognition and more
  • Advanced technology dramatically improves accuracy and filters out interference
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Hitachi Video Management Platform

  • Be at the top of your technology game to ensure the safety and protection of people, property and information
  • Enable video insight to fuel innovation, increase efficiency, speed e-discovery, and analyze and extract content how users need it – quick, secure and complete
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Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator

  • Protect data, ensure quick recovery and reduce business risks for your VMware virtual environments
  • Simplified data management improves resource and cost efficiency as you scale your enterprise
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series

  • Accelerate delivery of applications with flash performance, penalty-free compression and faster response times
  • Speed workloads and applications and resolve complex IT business challenges with robust, automated data management and protection
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

  • Improve IT agility to innovate and achieve business outcomes faster with leading application and virtualization integration 
  • Eliminate outages that risk revenue and your reputation with the industry’s only 100% data-availability guarantee
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform N Series

  • Optimize large, mixed workloads for Microsoft®, VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVol) and other virtual server environments with the most cost-effective, high-performance storage solution
  • Reduce costs with deduplication and save valuable time and space resources by taking advantage of feature-rich capabilities
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Hitachi Visualization Suite

  • Provides a unified platform to collect, connect, manage, analyze and distribute data from CAD or 911 systems, license-plate recognition (LPR), gunshot sensors, evidence and more
  • Displays traffic, weather alerts, radar and incident databases and public safety assets in real time with alert data and live video feeds such as road, terrain, satellite or aerial view maps
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Lumada Applications

  • Enhance your operational environment with IoT data and advanced analytics for deeper insights and prescriptive recommendations for what matters for your business
  • Accelerate time to realized business value for your key processes by taking advantage of Hitachi’s industry expertise, integrated into Lumada applications
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Lumada Manufacturing Insights

  • Leverage the digital innovation foundation to accelerate journey toward Manufacturing 4.0 by improving KPIs for machines, production and quality outcomes
  • AI-enabled industrial analytics that is platform agnostics and drives gains, accelerates throughput, conquers downtime and transforms quality
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Lumada Platform Services

  • Illuminate your data and drive better outcomes using artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and asset virtualization
  • Agile platform based on portable software, open OS, database and analytic tools to run anywhere – in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge
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Mainframe Storage

  • Leading storage capabilities enable control to optimize mainframe storage service levels for maximum flexibility in business application requirements
  • Proven, fast and compatible flash storage for critical mainframe environments
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Pentaho Business Analytics

  • Analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions using a spectrum of advanced analytics, from basic reports to predictive modeling, all while minimizing dependence on IT
  • Improve organizational performance using interactive dashboards with key performance indicators in a highly graphical visual interface
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Pentaho Data Integration

  • Lets users ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare diverse data from any source
  • Intuitive toolset accelerates the design and deployment of big data analytics by up to 15 times compared to hand-coding techniques
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Remote Replication

  • Comprehensive remote recovery strategies include zero data loss, without disruption to production systems
  • Protect all your critical and noncritical enterprise data, from up-to-the-second mirroring to comprehensive multisite coverage
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Smart Edge Devices for Video

  • Acquire video and IoT data while performing intelligent analysis, storage and processing right at the edge – before any data reaches a server
  • Connect private and public video security assets, and transform legacy cameras into cloud-connected cameras
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Smart Spaces

  • Make urban, commercial, and industrial areas smarter with IoT, video, analytics, and machine learning solutions
  • Improve your effectiveness and efficiency, while keeping people and property safe
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Storage Management

  • Simplify operations and better align storage resources with dynamic business requirements
  • Reduce operations management costs and accelerate time to delivery of services
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Storage as a Service

  • Fully managed, pre-engineered storage solutions with consumption-based pricing, guaranteed service levels with End-to-end support for all data types with object, block and file storage.
  • Accelerated deployment time, and time to desired service levels with budget savings from reducing unused capacity and assurance of achieving desired service levels.
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