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A Balanced Approach to Cloud Cost, Speed & Quality: Hitachi CloudFinOps Services

recorded Speakers | Samta Bansal, Global Consulting Portfolio Marketing Leader | Krishnaprasath Hari, Vice President of Cloud Engineering
recorded recorded | 08/06/2022
Webinar Webinar | 6 mins

FinOps is quickly becoming an industry-wide practice to help organizations understand and control cloud spending and create a cost-conscious culture by following guiding principles. The FinOps life cycle involves three stages: Inform, Optimize, and Operate. At Hitachi Vantara, our approach is to take it one step further. Like FinOps, we address the cost side of the equation. However, we believe that if you want to drive innovation across your organization in the long run, you need to take a balanced approach with agility, cost, and quality.Join this conversation and find out what the additional step is that we recommend organizations to take for their unique business needs, so making the appropriate tradeoffs and decisions throughout the transformation and getting the right balance is essential to optimize your cloud investments.This is the final part in our 3-part-series. Join us also for parts 1 and 2 or learn more on hitachivantara.com/ModernizePart 1: REAL Digital. REAL Talk: Getting Control of Your Cloud Costs and ComplexityPart 2: Customer Journey: Lowering Cloud Cost and Driving Innovation

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