OnDemand Webinar

Acting Now to Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption

recorded Speakers | Owen Keates, Partner; Jose Marques, Executive; Atsuki Kiuchi, Researcher; Hitachi; Gary Mintchell, Manufacturing Connection
recorded recorded | 07/29/2022
Webinar Webinar | 63 mins

Over the past year, global disruptions have continued to roil the world’s sources of supply, from increasingly severe and frequent natural disasters to geopolitical upheavals, supply chains are facing great pressure to build more resilient networks. But adapting to new ways of working, boosting inventories, and ramping digital and risk-management capabilities aren’t enough to ensure resiliency. Good supply chain management hinges on being able to respond quickly to operational disruptions and having a flexible contingency plan in place to act fast, and respond even faster.
• The critical elements in building supply chain resilience and how to build a roadmap to address those elements.
• Ways to move from data collection through the supply chain to decision support and actionable insights

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