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Architecting a scalable, End-to-End, Edge-to-Cloud solution with Lumada

recorded Speakers | Serge Xavier Hodor, Enterprise Architect, Digital Solutions, Hitachi Vantara
recorded recorded | 08/06/2022
Webinar Webinar | 43 mins

As organizations seek to capitalize on an increasing amount of data from edge devices and servers (whether on premise or in the cloud), they can’t afford to be constrained by the latency and bandwidth limitations that comes with data transmission. In some situations, operational control requires real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities.Finding how to balance data between edge-based devices and the cloud has become a challenge, which is even truer when considering the need for enterprises to manage and govern data across their ecosystems.Lumada Data Management solution helps organizations to take such challenge, thanks to its scalable, composable, secure, end-to-end and edge-to-cloud architecture….Let me show you how.

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