OnDemand Webinar

Computer Vision, AI, and the Digital Grid

recorded Speakers | Shamik Mehta, Industry Solutions; Jay Jayaraman, DX & IOT Solutions; Hitachi Vantara | Scott Mackenzie, IndustrialTalk
recorded recorded | 06/14/2022
Webinar Webinar | 59 mins

Electricity is fundamental to our society. As the threat of global warming raises the demand for more clean energy globally, it’s clear that the world needs to limit the use of fossil fuels, and maximize the electrification of everything. What role does AI-powered computer vision have in the brave new world of the Digital Grid?Join industry experts as they share insights, challenges, solutions, and case studies around the latest innovations in sustainable asset and infrastructure management - leveraging autonomous, remote-friendly energy asset inspections, monitoring, and performance management using image and video-based analytics.Learn more about:- The fast-rising use of AI and computer vision to automate asset inspections.- Sustainable, low risk, low-cost asset management.- Global electrification trends, and the latest advances in asset performance management.

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