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Fast & Accurate Asset Inspections Leveraging AI

recorded Speakers | Shamik Mehta, Hitachi Vantara; Bret Toplyn, Energy Market Intelligence; Scott MacKenzie, Lucian Fogoros; IIoT World
recorded recorded | 04/19/2022
Webinar Webinar | 49 mins

Changing weather patterns have amplified equipment failure problems for aging Transmission and Distribution (T&D), for example the devastating forest fires in the western United States that have costed billions of dollars in damages and claimed many human lives. In most of these cases, T&D infrastructure was to blame. There is an urgent need to maintain thousands of miles of T&D towers and cables faster and more efficiently. Since manual processes today involve workers climbing transmission towers, or using helicopters to capture photographic evidence for offline analytics by third-party data experts, T&D lines inspections is labor-intensive, risky, and very expensive.Energy companies and their Operations and Maintenance (O&M) partners are seeking ways to quickly analyze asset conditions, while removing bottlenecks caused by the cycle-time of image analytics without interrupting their services. Image based inspections solutions from Hitachi solves this problem by analyzing thousands of images in seconds with a very high accuracy rate, and removing human subjectivity using machine vision and AI. Join this webinar to learn how automating the image analytics workflow helps save time and costs and reduces risks involved with manual defect identification methods, while furthering asset health and lifetime.

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