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Leveraging Industrial DataOps for AI and IIoT Scalability

recorded Speakers | Hitachi Vantara | ARC Advisory Group | proSkale
recorded recorded | 06/08/2022
Webinar Webinar | 63 mins

Are you having issues scaling IoT projects across the enterprise? This virtual event will provide an in-depth overview on how organizations are using new Industrial DataOps tools to unify data, govern it, and deliver scalable AI/ML solutions for a seamless data management and operations optimization experience. It is not easy to merge IT and OT data sources to gain new and unique insights that give you a competitive advantage. Come listen to expert advice from an industry analyst, solution provider and Hitachi to discover how others have done it.Key Topics CoveredBumps in the Road to Integrating IIoT and Leveraging AI & how Industrial DataOps Provides a Smooth OnrampAccelerate the Training of AI ModelsScaling Up to Meet Business ObjectivesLessons learned from industrial enterprises moving their IIoT-driven AI applications out of the endless pilot phase and more quickly develop and scale for enterprise-wide deploymentSpeakers:Manish Jain, Vice President, Lumada Software, Hitachi VantaraSteve Garbrecht, Director of Product Marketing, IoT, Hitachi VantaraDavid Humphrey, Director of Research, Europe, ARC Advisory GroupGordon MacMaster, Vice President, proSkale

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