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Model Thinking in Data Science Projects

recorded Speakers | Dr. Engin Cukuroglu, Data Scientist, Hitachi Vantara
recorded recorded | 08/06/2022
Webinar Webinar | 36 mins

In this age of data, you can find almost any information with one click. To drive business outcomes, we need to turn information into knowledge. Converting information into knowledge using basic rules is key, but how can we come up with these rules? Consciously or subconsciously, we create models to turn data into information in order to build our knowledge. But we spend an excessive amount of time and effort in the long journey of converting data into wisdom.Join us as Dr. Engin Cukuroglu, discusses how to bring wisdom to data problems using model thinking.About our speaker: Dr. Engin Cukuroglu is a data scientist at Hitachi Vantara, Singapore. He received his B.S. in chemical and biological engineering and has an M.S. and a doctorate in computational science and engineering. His studies primarily focused on data analytics and big data in protein-protein interactions. After getting his degrees, he analyzed genomic data and developed pipelines for cancer and stem-cell research. His findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Cukuroglu currently works with rail operators, mining companies, manufacturers, banks, fleet operators and delivery partners in Asia-Pacific to help with their machine-learning and predictive-analytics strategies.

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