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SAP on AWS: Improve Efficiency While Reducing the Costs

recorded Speakers | Sathish Kumar Arunasalam of Hitachi Vantara & Sanguan Thammarojsakul (Simon) of AWS Thailand
recorded recorded | 08/06/2022
Webinar Webinar | 60 mins

Many businesses around the world have been running their mission-critical applications and workloads on SAP. As digital transformation is getting inevitable for all organizations, one of the demanding needs to truly embrace digital transformation is to modernize SAP in the cloud.Each SAP user has a unique journey. One size does not fit all. But the major tenets of cloud migration are the same for all and the business owners need to know them to jump-start their SAP migration.Hitachi Vantara with Amazon Web Services invites you to join the webinar SAP on AWS: Improve Efficiency While Reducing the Costs to align your cloud migration with your business. Learn about the benefits of SAP on AWS:Agility: Provide flexible storage sizes for SAP workloads to quickly scale up or down as per the changing demands. Scalability: Start small and grow at ease with quick time to market both for new initiatives and production systems.Resiliency: Set up high availability and disaster recovery with higher uptime guarantees.Security: Managed security services to secure the environment quickly and efficiently with additional levels of security.Cost Savings: Best cost benefits with no upfront Capex and only recurring monthly fee as per the usage.

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