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Many Companies Talk Decarbonization.
Others Are Doing It.

Hitachi Vantara is the only storage solutions provider certified by
Carbon Footprint for Products, with patented technology to significantly
reduce power usage and CO2 emissions.

Read “7 Ways to Reduce Your CO2 Footprint and Save Money” to
learn how the right, high-performance eco-friendly storage
systems can help you get started.

Learn how to:

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Decarbonize the Data Center

Reduce your storage infrastructure carbon footprint – and energy, cooling and space requirements – in some cases, up to 96%.

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Optimize Performance and Value

Streamline your data fabric and improve utilization through advanced data discovery, classification, compression and deduplication.

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Ignite Data-Driven Sustainability

Leverage data to uncover insights and opportunities, and drive innovation to meet both your business and ESG objectives.

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“7 Ways to Reduce Your CO2 Footprint and Save Money”

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