Nexway Enables Powerful Integration Capabilities









Cut costs by finding a third-party analytics tool that can be connected to a centralized data warehouse.



Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics from Hitachi Vantara automate data processing and improve access to data.


  • Holistic reporting capabilities offer insight into business operations.
  • Empowers end users to create reports and analyze data.
  • Data integration from multiple sources creates a blended view.
  • Powerful ETL tool quickly accesses and analyzes data.

Global e-commerce company finds the best way to use their data to enable expansion.

The Challenge: Replace a Burdensome In-House Analytics Tool

Nexway is a global e-commerce company that offers an electronic software distribution (ESD) solution. Their clients include publishers, resellers and distributors of software and games. Its technical platform and associated services enable its partners to build and manage online shops (stores and channels), mostly in a B2B2C model.

Despite complexity of procedures and our requirements, Pentaho continues to meet needs.

– Jean-Jacques Perroux, Chief Technology Officer, Nexway

As the company kept expanding, they needed to replace their in-house analytics tool. Their software had become too expensive and time-consuming. To replace Nexway’s software, the company was looking for a solution that could accommodate growth and be a viable option for the future. The operations, maintenance and evolution of their tools had become difficult and expensive. Nexway was looking for scalable platform, both in terms of data size and number of end users. They knew they needed to be able to deploy across multiple business segments and data sets.

The company was searching for a single, centralized data warehouse able to quickly, reliably and easily allow access to data across multiple business departments (finance, sales and marketing). Nexway wanted an analytics tool that would be user-friendly for creating reports and dashboards.

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics

Nexway started with Pentaho's open source solution and eventually with Smile, the integrator, Nexway determined that Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho solution was the way to go, and a small group of users began using it. They continued with these early adopters until the final phase of product validation. Another step along the way was to provide Pentaho Business Analytics to a handful of employees. This software went into production with limited internal development. Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho Business Analytics now allows end users to run reports and analyze data.

Pentaho Data Integration was used to establish a centralized data warehouse to quickly extract, transform and load data. This allows Nexway to monitor their data in near-real time and create reports with very little wait time. Additionally, Nexway received open source API plug-in support and consulting from Pentaho partner Smile to ensure successful company-wide deployment.

Restitution and analysis of various types of data from all transactions was carried out on the Nexway platform. Pentaho contributed to the rationalization and normalization of company data and to the construction of structured and comprehensible repositories.

Through the validation process, Nexway determined that Hitachi Vantara's big data integration and analytics platform was the right choice for a variety of reasons. They appreciated that they were able to test out the tool with the Community version, and that they were able to transition to the Enterprise version when needed. They found Pentaho to be a very easy tool to use for creating dashboards and specific reports. They valued the fact that the platform is scalable in terms of data volumes and number of users.

"We did not encounter any major difficulties when deploying the enterprise version in our environment, despite having specific internal standards and procedures that complicated the task." - Jean-Jacques Perroux, Chief Technology Officer, Nexway

The Outcome: Powerful Analytics and Integration Leads to Success

Nexway now has powerful reporting capabilities that provide them with detailed views of business procedures and operations. They have gained greater independence from technological barriers for their end users, who can now easily create their own reports and analyze data. The company has obtained powerful integration capabilities that can pull data from any data source to help create a blended view of business operations, marketing strategy, and sales success.

Having a single data repository, which is common to the entire company, has led to a detailed view of sales status and invoice preparation. The company has improved marketing analysis on products they sell. Their employees are less reliant on IT for reporting and data analysis Their operations are better situated to scale as new types of data are introduced. They hope to implement a similar analytics platform so their customers can access and analyze their own data in SaaS model.

"From our highly efficient payment management platform, it would be relevant to integrate additional data that we do not use much today; for example to analyze in more ways what types of payments are used, and to create a segmentation of uses so that we can carry out analyses that add value to our partners." - Vincent Breuil, Chief Financial Officer, Nexway

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