Let’s Get Data Done, Together

Your data is one of your most valuable assets.
Let’s put it to work.



If you want your data to make a difference in your company, you have to do something different with it. That’s where the experts at Hitachi Vantara come in. We offer a unique set of advanced, integrated solutions to maximize performance, automate operations and derive insights from your data. Insights that lead to game-changing results.

We take a different approach to data. It works best when we work together with you—as partners—every step along the way.

Data Center Modernization

Data Center Modernization

You bring your data. We’ll integrate it across your organization.

Your data center is full of outdated policies, arbitrary restrictions and ancient procedures. A modern data center breaks down siloes, eliminates senseless barriers and minimizes restrictions. It enables your teams to access information quickly, collaborate freely and make more effective, data-driven decisions. Let's modernize, together.

Is Your Data Center Holding You Back?

See how to use your data center to support a responsive and agile organization with this report from Forbes Insights.

Intelligent Data Governance

Intelligent Data Governance

Your data is unwieldy.
We help you keep it under control and in compliance.

Data is your organization's most valuable asset. But before you can put your data to work for your business, you need to enrich it with metadata to give it meaningful context. That empowers you to manage data better and stay in compliance with constantly evolving regulations. Our approach also minimizes the risk of data breaches, and reduces the cost and complexity of discovery reporting. Let’s protect your data and make it profitable, together.

Data Governance for Dummies

Explore the steps you need to take to create an intelligent data governance plan and simplify and ensure continuous compliance for your organization.

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

You have traditional data. Our cutting-edge analytics deliver real outcomes.

Your data is stored. It’s secure. It’s identifiable. But data alone is not intelligence. Bring analytics, machine learning and AI into the fold, so your teams can develop meaningful insights that improve decision making. Let’s get your data working smarter, together.

Unlock Big Data Value: A Visual Guide

See exactly how we turn data into real insights.

The Value of Data

The Value of Data

Your data’s value seems intangible.
We help you put a real number to it.

Data and analytics can have significant ramifications on your organizations’ financial statements, IT operations and business strategies. We help you develop a collaborative framework to apply financial concepts to apply value to data as an asset, data as a currency and data as monetization.

Learn How To Determine the Economic Value of Data

Learn how to apply economic concepts and analytics to big data to determine the financial value of your organization’s data and analytics.

You’re in the Right Place!

Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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