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Digitization of Automotive Manufacturing

recorded Speakers | Greg Kinsey, Vice President Industrial Solutions, Hitachi Vantara
recorded recorded | 11/09/2017
Webinar Webinar | 47 mins

The automotive industry has been a leader in factory automation over the past 30 years. Much of the difficult, repetitive, physical work of producing cars – like welding, painting, assembly, etc. - is now done by industrial robots. While this automation has delivered benefits, it has also increased the complexity of managing and maintaining the factory. And in some cases, high levels of hard automation have reduced production flexibility. Today’s “fourth industrial revolution” is enabled by digitization: harvesting the vast amounts of data in these automated factories, to improve productivity/quality/flexibility through advanced analytics and cognitive systems. This webinar will introduce some of the key opportunities for digitizing automotive production, based on Hitachi’s experience in the sector. · Digitization of Manufacturing: Opportunities & Challenges· Three Digitization Opportunities: Welding, Painting, Assembly· Conclusions & Lessons Learned

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