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Leveraging “Smart Spaces” Technology: Helping America Re-open

recorded Speakers | Ron Quartararo Director Smart Spaces/Video Insights, Hitachi, SE Region Anthony Caputo Smart Spaces Solutions Architect
recorded recorded | 05/19/2020
Webinar Webinar | 33 mins

As we prepare to re-open America, businesses need to look at new technology solutions to help control the spread of the virus. Equally important is the need to provide a comfort level to employees, customers and the public as to the safety of re-entering businesses, schools, and public spaces. “Smart Spaces” and video analytics, has now been adapted from its core applications of insuring security and operational efficiency to facilitating health safety and specifically addressing the corona 19 crisis.This session will demonstrate how 3 specific solutions can be deployed by the business community to a) detect body temp/fever for workers or customers; b) monitor hand washing compliance and c) insure adherence to social distancing requirements. Those technologies involve thermal imaging; 3D LIDAR; and video analytics, each of which will be explained and questions answered.

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