Microsoft Adapters

Think of it as Magic For Your Microsoft Environment

Enhance management and monitoring capabilities with Hitachi adapters for Microsoft® System Center environments

A Better Microsoft Virtualization Environment


  • Add functionality to Microsoft environments
  • Reduce operational costs with integrated management and automated tasks
  • Built on Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track

    Hitachi speeds your move to the Microsoft cloud.


Simplify Your Microsoft System Center Environments


  • Integrate monitoring, management and provisioning
  • Automate core and storage-related tasks
  • Reduce management time and effort with integrated views of storage-specific information


Deep And Broad Views Into Your Converged Storage Environment

Unified View of Storage-Specific Information
Use reporting capabilities and performance details for effective troubleshooting.
Deep Visibility Into the State of Your Hitachi Storage Components
Gain insight into all your data stores, across every storage system, including information on used and free capacity on provisioned virtual machines.


Reduce Operational Costs with Automation and Faster Remediation

Automate Complex IT Operations
Leverage workflows to orchestrate IT service delivery.
Faster Troubleshooting
Add monitoring and alerting capabilities that reduce mean time to resolution.


Simplify Management of Physical and Virtual Infrastructure

One Familiar Interface Gives You All the Details You Need
Instantly view the state of your Hitachi storage and servers with multiple views into state, health, performance and more.
Immediate Alerts for Proactive Maintenance
Get health and performance status updates on your physical and virtual components.

Microsoft Adapters

Hitachi Converged Adapter for Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager

Hitachi Converged Adapter for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager is a management pack that monitors and triggers alerts for the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) 4000 and UCP 4000E. It extends the functionality of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, which provides health and performance status of physical and virtual components.

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft® Windows Azure™ Pack

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft Windows Azure Pack provides integrated tools, pre-built templates, and managed services. It makes it simple and easy to build and manage enterprise, Web and Internet of Things (IoT) applications quickly.
It allows you to create a self-service portal for your private cloud and enables Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings to internal users. End users can provision virtual machines in the VM cloud by selecting a storage pool or storage profile.

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft® Windows® PowerShell

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft® Windows® PowerShell software allows Hitachi storage administrators to extend Microsoft Windows PowerShell with Hitachi storage management functionality. The software provides a set of Hitachi Storage cmdlets for discovering Hitachi storage system information. You can create scripts using logic and other Windows PowerShell cmdlets to automate complex tasks. You can filter, sort and group storage information output by the Hitachi Storage cmdlets to the Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft® System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager helps Virtual Machine Manager users orchestrate storage operations and data services, such as LUN provisioning and virtual machine (VM) cloning. It allows VM administrators to get deep visibility into the state of Hitachi storage components. It provides detailed information on storage resources, such as used capacity, free capacity, provisioned VMs and host lists. It also provides insight into all the data stores in storage systems.

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft® System Center Orchestrator

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator offers three options to extend orchestration capabilities: storage management and Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) support, virtualized storage management, and management of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) systems. It helps develop workflow by joining individual operations within Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 that involve HDS storage components. Adapter activities are handled by a standalone Microsoft Windows® PowerShell process running on a remote server. The administrator can provision, map, and delete storage logical drives from the Hitachi storage subsystem to the ESX host, and view the vCenter datastores to Hitachi storage subsystem logical drives.

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft® SQL Server® Remote BLOB Storage

This adapter improves SQL Server database performance by allowing binary large objects (BLOBs) to be stored on Hitachi storage instead of directly in SQL Server tables. It includes three RBS providers: CIFS, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) and Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS). It supports create, delete, read and enumeration operations on BLOBs.

Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service

This adapter integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service to allow hot backup of data using Hitachi storage systems. It uses Hitachi ShadowImage in-system replication, Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot or Hitachi Thin Image to create snapshots in Hitachi storage systems.

Hitachi Server Adapter for Microsoft® System Center Orchestrator

Hitachi Server Adapter for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator (SCO) extends SCO functionality to include management of specific Hitachi server systems. It provides server configuration, discovery and additional management functionality for customized automation. It also allows accelerated deployment of compute infrastructure resources through automated workflows involving Hitachi components. It enables system administrators to resolve issues quickly and reuse their solutions as best practices, avoiding errors and repetitive work.

Hitachi Server Adapter for Microsoft® Windows® PowerShell

Hitachi Server Adapter for Microsoft Windows PowerShell allows Hitachi server administrators to extend the Microsoft Windows PowerShell window with Hitachi server management functionality. The adapter allows IT administrators to create scripts to orchestrate and automate complex operation tasks. It enables administrators to filter, sort and group server information by piping the output of the adapter cmdlets to other Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

Hitachi Server Adapter for Microsoft® System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Hitachi Server Adapter for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager allows Hitachi Compute Blade server information to be integrated in to System Center Virtual Machine Manager. The adapter allows you to create schedules to discover and monitor server components. It enables bare-metal deployment of the Microsoft Windows® Hyper-V® operating system onto a Hitachi server.

Hitachi Infrastructure Adapter for Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager

This adapter provides monitoring and alerting capabilities to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and operational costs of Hitachi storage and server systems.
It allows administrators to gain rapid insight into the state of Hitachi storage and servers by using views that show state, health, and performance information from a single, familiar and easy-to-use interface. It monitors performance of storage system controller ports, logical units, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning pools, and RAID groups. It also provides object views for snapshots and storage replication.


Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft® SQL Server®

Virtualize SQL servers in a cloud-ready infrastructure for maximum scalability, availability and performance.

Converged Management Software

Integrate your data center and cloud, and automate management to reduce costs in your Microsoft® System Center.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft® Private Cloud

Transition your applications to a converged infrastructure that’s built for the cloud.