Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft® Private Cloud

Your Private Cloud. Your Terms.

Transition your applications to a converged infrastructure that’s built for the cloud

Better Microsoft Private Cloud Environments? Yes, With Enterprise Converged Infrastructure.


  • Quickly respond to rapidly changing business needs
  • Deliver predictable reliability with a robust, enterprise converged-cloud infrastructure
  • Simplify infrastructure deployment and cloud management with single-pane automation

With UCP we have been able to optimise Microsoft Hyper-V environment, enhancing flexibility and generating cost savings.

– Vittorio Cimin, ICT Manager, Bricofer

Any Application, One Converged Infrastructure Optimized for the Cloud


  • Manage physical and virtual infrastructure as one with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Director software
  • Quickly deploy an optimized, preconfigured and pretested solution for your Microsoft Private Cloud environment
  • Simplify ordering, planning and implementation with one source for cloud infrastructure and coordinated professional services
  • Telecoms Host SaaS on UCP for Microsoft Cloud

    See why leading companies choose UCP for Microsoft Private Cloud.

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The Flexibility You Need to Meet Business Needs

Quickly Deploy New Applications and Services
Adopt a self-service model that provides on-demand, on-the-go access to business-critical applications.
Grow Your Cloud Infrastructure As Your Business Grows
Start small, at low cost, and then easily scale your infrastructure as you transition more workloads to the private cloud.
Take Advantage of Deep Integration
Deploy your converged infrastructure quickly and allocate resources efficiently with Unified Compute Platform Director.


Manage More at Lower Cost

Tight Integration With Familiar Microsoft Components
Get comprehensive management through a familiar Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager interface.
Configure and Integrate Components to Meet Demand
Use end-to-end topology maps to simplify configuration and quickly integrate new solution components.
Predict and Respond Quickly to Issues
Cut down on complexity and downtime with integrated physical and virtual infrastructure monitoring and alerting.


Keep Costs Under Control Throughout Deployment

Lower Your Entry Costs
Get an optimized, preconfigured system, with minimal upfront investment.
Boost IT Efficiency
Dynamically allocate compute and storage resources across business units, for less costly IT.
Increase Reliability and Reduce Operating Costs
Boost business availability and cut operating costs with nondisruptive firmware updates and best-in-class networking solutions.


Four Steps to Reduce IT Complexity
Take these four steps to reduce IT complexity and free up IT to focus on strategic initiatives.


Infosys Finds the Right Partner
Infosys sought a cloud partner with the flexibility to develop, design and own the hardware part of the cloud.
UCP Makes Mark on Magic Quadrant
Learn why Gartner recognized UCP as a growing influence on the integrated systems market.


Microsoft FastTrack Guide
This guide covers the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) and Microsoft FastTrack reference architectures for private clouds.
READ CUSTOMER STORIES FOR Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft® Private Cloud
The Hitachi Solution for Microsoft Private Cloud has opened up entirely new opportunities for Kramer & Crew.
– Dietmar Hensch, Managing Director, Kramer & Crew Gmbh & Co KG

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft® Private Cloud

Maximum Server
UCP 2000
32 servers (128 nodes)
UCP 4000e
UCP 4000
Maximum CPU Cores per Server
UCP 2000
112 Cores
UCP 4000e
UCP 4000
Maximum RAM per Server
UCP 2000
2048GB (512GM per node)
UCP 4000e
UCP 4000
UCP 2000
2-10GbE, 2-8Gb FC
UCP 4000e
4-8 10GbE
UCP 4000
4-10 10GbE, 2-16GB FC
Supported OS
UCP 2000
VMware, Windows Server and Red Hat Linux
UCP 4000e
VMware, Windows Server and Red Hat Linux
UCP 4000
VMware, Windows Server and Red Hat Linux

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