Big Data Integration and Analytics

Enable your teams to ingest, prepare, blend and analyze any data using the Pentaho platform. Leverage emerging technologies to turn data into value.

Unlock Your Data to Deliver More Valuable Insights


Extract the full value of your data with agile data pipelines across edge-to-multicloud environments. Build analytic capabilities that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure.

Data Integration and Prep

Ingest, blend and prepare structured and unstructured data so teams can work with the entire ecosystem of on-premises and cloud architectures.

Business Analytics

Benefit from interactive analysis, reporting, visualizations and dashboards that can be embedded into any application.

New Data-Driven Outcomes

Become more efficient and innovative with new data intelligence.

Accelerate time to value by uncovering real-time insights to improve business outcomes, modernize processing and gain control of the increasing volume of data.

Why wait to get the most value from your data?

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Pentaho Data Integration

  • Easily ingest, manage, blend and prepare any data from any source, and seamlessly embed data science capabilities into your intelligent data pipeline
  • Reduce big data onboarding time by up to 15 times, compared to hand coding
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Pentaho Business Analytics

  • Instantly analyze and visualize data across multiple disciplines, including lines of business and data science
  • Easily develop insight from reports, visualizations and dashboards without depending on IT
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