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Lumada Data Catalog

Accelerate data discovery and metadata tagging to secure sensitive data, infer hidden relationships, and accelerate data self-service and insights.


Accelerate Time to Insights

Faster Tagging, Smarter Insights

Lumada Data Catalog (formerly Waterline Data Catalog) accelerates data discovery for analytics, governance and compliance across your data fabric.

Customer Stories

Key Assets

Product Features

Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates and accelerate data discovery with Lumada Data Catalog

Lumada Data Catalog Features
AI-Driven Discovery

Use patented data fingerprints to automate data discovery.

Self-Service Data Access

Simplify data discovery with efficient metadata-based search.

Sensitive Data Management

Rapidly identify sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) for compliance.

End-to-End Data Lineage

Visualize full data lineage and hidden data relationships.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Collaborate and turn tribal data knowledge into insights.

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