Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Enterprise reliability and operational simplicity that delivers data three times faster.

100% data-availability guarantee offers peace of mind.

Storage virtualization simplifies operations.

Adaptive data reduction minimizes storage footprint.

AI operations optimize performance and uptime.

Modernized data protection eliminates complexity.

Nondisruptive migration to the latest technology.

Robust container support for accelerating DevOps.

Simple yet powerful management for fast setup.

REST APIs can integrate management with existing tools.

Customer Stories

Queensland Brain Institute

“Together, Hitachi Vantara, Brocade, and the Queensland Brain Institute are pioneering and co-creating the ability to take research and turn it into something real.“

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Israel Aerospace Industries

“With the help of Hitachi Vantara, we have slashed our backup times by over 30%, helping to significantly increase staff productivity.“

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Broadway Video

“There’s no question that Hitachi has been an incredible partner for us and part of the transformation that helped us make the transition to a completely digital-based workflow.“

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Queensland Brain Institute
Israel Aerospace Industries
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating Systems RF (SVOS RF)

SVOS RF offers system management and advanced storage system functions, including storage virtualization, thin provisioning, storage service-level controls and performance instrumentation across multiple storage platforms. SVOS RF includes Hitachi Ops Center Administrator, Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager, Hitachi Resource Partition Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced, Hitachi Data Retention Utility, performance monitor feature, volume shredder feature, Virtual LUN software, LUN manager, VLVI (CVS), Hitachi Server Priority Manager, Hitachi Volume Retention, cache residency manager feature, Hitachi Storage Navigator, RAIDCOM, Java API, CCI (Command Control Interface), SMI-S provider and SNMP agent.

Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer

Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer delivers IT operational intelligence. Gain new machine learning insights across multi-vendor infrastructure resources to improve utilization, performance, availability and planning in the data center. Provides root cause analysis and integrated workflow automation (via Hitachi Ops Center Automator) to quickly analyze and resolve problems.

Hitachi Data Mobility

Complete data movement ecosystem combines the automated capabilities of Hitachi Dynamic Tiering, featuring active flash, and Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager software. This duo improves performance and drives intelligent data placement, nondisruptive data migrations and optimization within Hitachi virtualized storage environments.

Hitachi Ops Center Automator

Hitachi Ops Center Automator provides AI enabled automation and orchestration for delivery and control of Hitachi and 3rd party infrastructure resources within the data center. Ops Center Automator facilitates automated provisioning operations for key business applications with its supporting environment that incorporates established best practices to improve reliability. Combines with Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer for advanced management practices to accelerate problem resolutions.

Hitachi Command Suite (HCS)

This unified management framework for all Hitachi storage systems consists of an integrated suite of products. HCS improves administration, operations, data mobility, monitoring, and resilience for Hitachi virtualized storage environments.

Hitachi Local Replication

This solution delivers convenient and cost-effective local point-in-time data copies using storage-based, space-efficient snapshots and full-volume clones. It generates copies faster and more frequently than host-based solutions, with no impact on production applications. This software package includes Hitachi Thin Image Snapshot, Hitachi ShadowImage Replication and Hitachi Replication Manager software.

Hitachi Remote Replication

Highly flexible remote replication solution enables disaster recovery and business continuity spanning up to 3 data centers. It uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous replication plus advanced journaling and delta synchronization to minimize data loss. The software package includes Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication, Hitachi Universal Replicator and Hitachi Replication Manager software.

Data-at-rest encryption

This feature provides encryption of data-at-rest for internal storage to protect sensitive information.

Hitachi Ops Center Protector

Hitachi Ops Center Protector software automates and orchestrates a broad range of data copy and movement technologies to deliver enterprise copy data management services. Recovery copy services support local and remote recovery requirements, using modern data protection techniques. Agile copy services automate and control the repurposing of data copies for secondary business purposes. And governance copy services enable the use of backup data for discovery and analytics operations.

Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS), powered by Commvault

HDPS tightly integrates a blend of snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are application-aware, secure, deduplicated, managed and assessable through a single, unified product suite. This approach results in an easy, automated and low-cost data management solution, which can be employed in a fraction of the time, effort and money required by separate point products.

Performance (IOPS)
Max. Raw Internal Capacity
3,454TB (14TB LFF HDD)
442TB (2.4TB SFF HDD)
5,778TB (30TB SSD)
5,098TB (14TB LFF HDD)
664TB (2.4TB SFF HDD)
8,667TB (30TB SSD)
16.4PB (14TB LFF HDD)
1.9PB (2.4TB SFF HDD)
6.0PB (14TB FMD)
26.0PB (30TB SSD)
19.7PB (14TB LFF HDD)
2.6PB (2.4TB SFF HDD)
8.1PB (14TB FMD)
34.6PB (30TB SSD)
Total Efficiency Guarantee Ratio*
Up to 7:1
Up to 7:1
Up to 7:1
Up to 7:1
Host Port Counts (Max. without drives)
16 x FC
8 x iSCSI
16 x FC
8 x iSCSI
64 x FC
32 x iSCSI
80 x FC
40 x iSCSI

* The Total Efficiency Guarantee of up to 7:1 for the VSP G350, G370, G700 and G900 models, when configured entirely with flash drives, covers savings from data de-duplication, compression, thin provisioning and snapshots.
**RAID-1 selection mirrors blocks across two drives and then creates a striped set across multiple drive pairs. This is commonly referred to as RAID 1+0.

1MB = 1,000,000 bytes
1MiB = 1,048,576 bytes
SFF = small form factor, LFF = large form factor
SAS = serial attached SCSI, HDD = hard disk drive, SSD = solid state disk, FMD = flash module drive
FC = Fibre Channel, iSCSI = Internet Small Computer Systems Interface, FCoE = Fibre Channel over Ethernet, FICON = Fibre Connection

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