Hitachi 3D Lidar Sensor

Lidar delivers full visibility of the physical world with real-time, 3D insights that drive efficiency and improve resource use across industries without collecting personal information.

3D Lidar Sensor

Lidar offers granular, privacy-protected, real-time insights that inform business operations, safety, manufacturing quality and more to help create smart spaces globally.

Real-Time, 3D Insights

Binocular sensing provides real-time business, operational and object sensing.

GDPR Compliant

Laser point cloud offers granular insights while also protecting privacy.

Create Smart Spaces

Blend video, IoT and business data to create smart spaces that help organizations thrive.

Binocular 3D sensing

Diffused infrared laser device

Small form factor sensor

Stitch together multiple sensors

Interactive 3D point cloud data

Close range, high resolution

Hitachi 3D Lidar Sensor

Sensing Distance
H80° x V60°
Pixel Resolution
640 x 480pixel (7 fps),
320 x 240pixel (30 fps)
Infrared IR LD
138x69x69mm (Excluding projecting part)

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