Hitachi Smart Cameras

Gain visibility and insights from key locations using video intelligence devices that feature edge processing, storage, and connectivity.

All-in-one Edge Video Intelligence Solutions

Remote and challenging environments now have visibility and intelligence with Hitachi Smart Camera that enables you to gather, analyze, store, transcode, compress and transmit video, while reducing transmission costs and network fragility.

Intelligence at the Edge

Gain insights and real-time alerts from your video with onboard compute, VMS, and storage.

Privacy-Protect Your Video

Protect privacy automatically for GDPR readiness.

All-Weather Environments

Deploy video anywhere, with internal climate control and IP66-rated housing of components.

Climate controlled for all weather environments.

Onboard storage, compute, transcoding and compression.

Cellular, Wi-Fi, or fiber connectivity.

Product Architecture

Product Architecture

Customer Stories

“We've been able to reengineer our department into a data-driven and intel-based policing organization. The public safety camera project is designed to aid the city in deterring, detecting and investigating crimes.“


“We have become a safer and smarter city through the use of Hitachi Visualization. We are safer because of the number of incidents we are able to investigate, the clarity that we’re able to gain on events happening in our city, and the leads that we generate that we would not have otherwise.“


“What we value about working with Hitachi is that it’s a flexible and energetic company with outstanding technologies in this industry. SCI looks forward to continuing great work together.“


Hitachi Smart Cameras

Hardware Specifications

1.2GHz 64bit quad core ARM v8 processor
ideoCore IV 3-D graphics core
Integrated 5-port switch

Video features

2-megapixel progressive CMOS sensor
Infrared (IR) illumination distance (20-30 meters)
Focal length (4 mm)
Apeture: F2.0
Exposure time: 1/7.5 sec to 1/10,000 sec.
Angle of view: 79 at 1920 x 1080 resolution

Camera specifications

Infrared capabilities
Motion detection support
Video tampering support
Line-crossing detection support
Intrustion-detection support
NAS and snapshot support


Advanced wireless security, including WPA2
Dual-active firewalls for cellular (SPI and NAT)
Remote management services, including VPN
Multilayered zoned Layer 2 and 3 firewall

Video quality

2-megapixel, multiple streams


WAN over Wi-Fi
Data usage management, quotas and alerts

Remote access restrictions

Illegal login alarm
Access logs

Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) integration

Live and archived video
Access to FTP server for alarms and alert snapshots

FTP or email for the following alert conditions

HDD error
HDD full
Iillegal login
Line crossing
Intrusion detection
Motion detection

Onboard Storage

FTP server for alarms and alert snapshots

Onboard Archiving

Constant recording (full HD)
30 days, 50% complexity, H.264, 10 fps (HDD)
Constant recording (3 MP)
20 days, 50% complexity, H.264, 10 fps (HDD)
Record on motion recording (full HD)
50 days, 50% complexity, H.264, 30 fps (HDD)
Record on motion (3 MP)
35 days, 50% complexity, H.264, 30 fps (HDD)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

19 in. (48.3 cm) x 6.5 in. (16.5 cm) x 12.5 in (31.7 cm)

Power Input

85 ~264VAC, 47 ~ 440Hz


14 lbs


UL, FCC, PTCRB, IP66 Enclosure

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Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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