Big Data Analytics

Do more. Do it smarter. Realize your business potential and accelerate the benefits of big data analytics solutions with strategies that fit your business.

Custom Dashboards and Data Visualization

Pentaho provides tools and services to create custom dashboards to support data visualizations and UI designs. Explore our dashboard demos to see how the Pentaho platform can be customized based on specific business goals.

Analytics That Deliver Insights That Matter Most


  • Embed dashboards in portals or web pages using iFrame or native HTML
  • Drill down on any dimension in any chart or table
  • Export any single chart or table to .csv, .xls and .png
  • Contact Pentaho Expert

Jumpstart Big Data Analytics Success

Make a difference with holistic analytics services and data-driven decision-making. We bring together industry-specific best practices, deep analytics experience and innovative technology to help you plan and implement successful initiatives.

Vision Requires Expertise


  • Use big data analytics to fuel innovation and identify opportunities
  • Quickly implement new analytics solutions to remain competitive
  • Experiment, strategize, develop proofs of concept, deploy automated solutions

Bring Intelligence to IT Operations With M2M Analytics

Applying real-time analytics to unstructured machine data helps enterprises improve operational excellence. The best machine-to-machine (M2M) analytics solutions quickly expose the root cause of operational issues, identify potential breaches and reduce the time and expense of compliance audits.

Base Decisions on Facts


  • M2M analytics delivered with the elastic scalability and minimal capital costs of the cloud
  • Query options that use machine learning to distill meaningful patterns and deviations
  • Anomaly detection that helps IT operations reduce incident response time by acting on previously undiscovered insights

Learn From Our Experts

We’ve deployed hundreds of game-changing analytics solutions, and our workshops share the knowledge we’ve gained to make your project successful.

Types of Workshops Offered

We offer scoping workshops to help managers scope projects by understanding business requirements, hands-on workshops for test-driving our big data architecture implementation and deployment blueprints, and onboarding workshops for customers.


5 Days/3 Days Onsite
Learn how to identify use cases with a clear return on investment for your data and analytics solutions, along with a next-step plan
1 Day
Learn the best approach and methodology for a documented use case, skilled resource needs and key processes
6 Hours/1 Day Onsite
Identify the right solution for your needs by test-driving Pentaho, with experts, in a controlled environment
5 Days/4 Days Onsite
Design your big data solution using Pentaho architecture and our implementation blueprint
5 Days/4 Days Onsite
Create an architecture and implementation blueprint to realize a traditional data solution

Test-Drive Big Data Analytics for Your Business

Today’s competitive landscape calls for extracting information from data in new ways. But what data and which technologies will quickly yield the greatest analytical advantage? We provide the hardware, software, professional services and methodology you need to find out.

Live in Five Steps


  • Our proof-of-concept approach to big data analytics brings forward information you can use to improve cost-efficiency and decision-making
  • We deliver measurable outcomes, recommendations based on ROI, and specialized analytics tools to help you drive future success 
  • Overcome big data obstacles with five phases for analyzing as many as five appropriate data types using various analytical skills 

You’re in the Right Place!

Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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