Hitachi Enterprise Cloud for Cloud Native Environments

Simplify your cloud-native environment with a fully managed, pay-as-you-go platform with guaranteed SLAs, improved security and control.

Flexible Cloud-Native Environment Platform

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) provides a complete, end-to-end pre-designed and pre-engineered private, hybrid and multicloud solution. As a fully managed offering, HEC delivers a development platform for cloud-native environments with transparent utility-based pricing, and predictable service levels. HEC supports all popular cloud-native application environments providing heightened flexibility.

Greater Cloud Efficiency

Cloud-native platform provides app portability, cloud agility.

Maximum Cloud Effectiveness

Wide application support adds flexibility, security, compliance.

Faster Cloud Deployments

Platform automates environment building, enables faster development.

Supports over 150 open source apps and tools.

One-click Kubernetes environment setup.

Rapid and agile open development platform.

Fully managed as-a-service across multicloud.

Self-service, multitenant DevOps tools and data services.

Guaranteed SLAs ensure consistent business outcomes.

Consolidated multicloud billing for easier management.

Pre-built catalogs and templates speed deployment.

Advanced reporting and analytics for better decisions.

Product Architecture

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud for Cloud Native Environments Architecture

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