Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation requires a data strategy that brings together disparate enterprise data – structured, unstructured and machine-generated – to deliver insights and digital outcomes.

Build the Foundation to Empower Digital Transformation

Data Center Modernization

See what you can do with a more agile, automated infrastructure.

Explore Data Center Modernization

Unlock the Value of Your Digital Workplace

Learn how to get more value from the way you manage and share your data.

Learn About Digital Workplaces

Achieve Governance and Compliance

Turn data governance and compliance from business issues into business enablers.

Discover Data Governance Strategies

Unearth Data-Driven Insights

Take advantage of the value lying dormant in your business data.

Get More Value From Data
Modernization can’t happen on the back of IT alone. Transformation represents an evolution of business processes. Without a close partnership between IT and business, successful transformation just isn’t going to happen.
– Michael Mathews, CIO, Deluxe Corp.


Data Is the Basis for a Productive Business-IT Engagement

Remove Barriers to Data

Break down the barriers between technology complexities and digital outcomes by focusing on data.

Eradicate Siloes from Data

Eliminate obstacles by identifying data dependencies across the organization and integrating in a single strategy.

Expand IT Value

Increase the relevance of IT in digital transformation and avoid shadow IT.


An Enterprise Data Strategy Ensures That You Meet Transformation Objectives

Digital Operations and Process Efficiency

Achieve cost efficiency and accelerate time to market by rethinking operations and processes.

Customer Experience

Increase customer loyalty and grow revenue through improved customer experience.

New Business Models

Uncover additional revenue streams from new business models.


The UCP solution allows us to create new VMware servers for our retail and line-of-business applications quickly and easily ... to respond to business requirements rapidly and in the most flexible way.

– Michael Gstach, Enterprise Architect, SPAR ICS

The breadth and depth of Hitachi technologies and services are what get us out of fire-fighting mode and into enablement, so we can foster revenue generation. At the end of the day, it’s really about putting big smiles on kids’ faces.

– Pravine Balkaran, Global Head of IT, Spin Master

Process intelligence is a game changer. It’s definitely at the forefront of technologies that we want to continue to invest in because it’s tying all of our investments in technology together and helping us extract even more value out of those investments through data.

– Dr. Dean Gutzke, Relationship Manager, Meat and Livestock Australia

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