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66Controls Takes Control Of Their Data

66Controls B.V.







The company wanted to increase the value of their platform by offering more services and applications.



Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics automates data processing and improves access to data.


  • Quick implementation while allowing continuous business and integration.
  • Empowering non-technical users to monitor data and ensure smooth operations.
  • Flexible OEM licensing program that allows customers to target new markets.
  • Govern diverse sets of data to assure compliance and provide transparency.
66Controls decrease IT risk by analyzing real-time data for fact-based decisions.

The Challenge: 66Controls Wanted to Help Their Customers Optimize the Platform

66Controls is a Dutch company specializing in Application Management. It developed a Business Intelligence solution based on the Pentaho platform: KPI Performance Management (KPIPM). It primarily answers clients’ questions concerning supporting processes within an organization. Since 66Controls specializes in Application Management, KPIPM offers several IT dashboards; IT Service Management, Software License Management, Information Security, TCO Benchmark. 66Controls converts its expertise and best practices into plug-and-play dashboards through KPI Performance Management.

An audit could cost our customers millions, but with analytics we reduce risk and deliver ROI.

– Pieter Van Der Poel, Founder and Managing Partner, 66Controls

66Controls is hedging millions of dollars of IT risk. As the company was growing, they wanted to extend additional value and services to enterprise customers in need of IT service management. While, they continue to add value on top of applications which already have built-in reporting to further promote self-service for non-technical users. And helping end customers mitigate millions of dollars of compliance risk with clear, empirical evidence.

The organization created their first solutions with a different analytics tool (Mirror42), but when that company was acquired, it no longer could meet their analytics needs. 66Controls was recommended to use Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho solution to meet their customers' robust, enterprise-grade needs. Specifically, 66Controls needed to not only meet the same level of service as their previous solution, but also had to maintain a competitive price offer, while gaining a whole lot of new features and possibilities with Pentaho. 66Controls needed to create an easy to use dashboard application that promotes self-service for non-technical users.

The Solution: Pentaho Business Analytics, Pentaho Data Integration

Following a review of Pentaho against several other analytics providers, 66Controls realized that Pentaho could help them best meet their clients’ needs. Moreover, with Pentaho’s OEM partnership, 66Controls was able to retain its pricing model and continue to extend value as their solution matures. Their first solution that leverages Pentaho was built as follows:

  • Directly connects Pentaho Business Analytics with applications, such as TOPdesk, by developing standard data connectors.
  • Deliver best practice content for specific domains, Application Management, Project Management, and Facility Management.
  • Leverage Pentaho Data Integration to extract, transform, and migrate data between application, such as CRM.

By directly embedding Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Business Analytics into 66Control’s enterprise SaaS suite, KPI Performance Management, to extend analytics to end customers. While leveraging Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration to extract desperate data from enterprise data warehouses, such as SAP and Oracle, as well as to transform and blend data across CRM and other operational systems.

The Outcome: Empowering All Users to Reduce IT Risks

66Control’s small, agile IT team could quickly implement and maintain Hitachi Vantara’s software, while extending more robust features that end-users demanded. Though the user-friendly interface, non-technical business employees are empowered to monitor and analyze operations, to assure compliance and improve operational efficiency. Furthermore, the company could remove time consuming manual data processing and extraction process, saving customers time and extending value.

“Showing historical data is fine and valuable for some customers. However, when we can show data over time and help businesses forecast and understand their operations are performing, then we both win. We know one audit could cost our customers millions of dollars and with analytics we can reduce this risk and continue to pass on ROI to our customers.” – Pieter Van Der Poel, Founder and Managing Partner, 66Controls.

66Contorls’ redesigned software suite now allows their clients and end-users to govern diverse sets and data assuring compliance, providing transparency and reducing risk. Key differentiators that 66Controls’ clients note since Pentaho was embedded into their software, are KPI Performance Management’s overall extensibility and ease of use, both of which help businesses to focus on operations. Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho solution’s flexible OEM licensing program has allowed 66Controls to aggressively expand and target new markets as well as improve customer satisfaction within their install-base. This improved satisfaction has manifesting in removing time consuming manual data processing and extraction process, saving customers time and extending value.

66Controls’ outcomes include:

  • Operational Efficiency: Small, agile IT team was able to quickly implement and maintain Pentaho, while extending more robust features that end-users demanded.
  • IT Overhead Cost Reduction: Removed time consuming manual data processing and extraction process, saving customers time and extending value.
  • Self-Service Analytics: Empowered non-technical business users to monitor and analyze operations, to assure compliance and improve operational efficiency.

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