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Heilan Group Thrives With Pentaho Data Integration

  • Challenge

    The existing analysis system did not meet data analysis needs.
  • Solution

    With Pentaho Data Integration from Hitachi Vantara, Heilan Group’s data analysis system supports decision-making.
  • Outcome

    • Solution enables better analysis of price, product and competition.
    • Data lake accelerates data analysis and application.
    • Core infrastructure meets autonomy and controllability requirements.
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The arrival of e-commerce had a huge impact on the garment industry worldwide. Companies with traditional retail stores struggled to improve sales and profits. Heilan Group, despite its position as a domestic leader in apparel manufacturing in China, faced declining sales growth year after year due to rising costs and fierce competition. Its efforts at operation and innovation-oriented transformation ran into issues when its data analysis system couldn’t keep up.

To continue growing, Heilan Group needed to transform for the digital age. The cost of operating its physical stores was rising, and its traditional approach hampered sustainable development of new stores. It also needed data insights to develop business plans to tackle its fierce competition.

Heilan Group built its data analysis in SAP Business Warehouse (BW) on SAP HANA, which was expensive and could not adequately analyze data for products, competitors, price and user experience. Plus, traditional SAP BW and HANA technologies are closed and are neither automated nor controllable.

To meet these challenges, Heilan Group began a digital transformation. The group upgraded its commodity production, circulation and sales processes by combining them with data analysis. It intends to expand into the internet of things and artificial intelligence with institutional knowledge, and it’s planning a new retail approach, with integrated online services, offline experience and modern logistics.

From Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial

The Pentaho system helps Heilan Group better understand the sales and user experience of its product as well as that of its rivals, which enhances Heilan Group’s marketing strategies and R&D, greatly improving revenue.

Mr. Xue Jun

System Architect
Heilan Group


Efficient End-to-End Data Analysis

Hitachi Vantara helped Heilan Group deploy a full end-to-end data analysis system. They implemented Pentaho Data Integration as the comprehensive solution, which included data integration, organization, enrichment, storage, distribution, analysis and presentation to provide support for decision-making at departmental, company and group levels.

The solution enabled efficient data collection and made full use of Hitachi Content Platform’s storage scalability and data management capability. The Pentaho data pipeline provided data integration and encapsulation, enabled data as a service, and improved data development and mining efficiency.

With data application construction based on data and service standardization, business analysts, data engineers and data scientists can quickly build business-oriented data applications based on data centers. And the data analysis system, built with open-source and open commodity software, is automated and controllable, providing a competitive advantage.


Accelerated Data Analysis and Applications

The solution formed a complete data layer with Hitachi Content Platform, Hadoop and PostgreSQL, providing cold, warm and hot data storage and massive data computing. Hitachi Vantara’s data integration and analytics system injects structured, unstructured and web crawler data into the data layer and enables machine learning, predictive analytics, reporting, visualization and executive dashboards.

The systems, targeted at new retail, satisfy the demands of the company’s data scientists, analysts, engineers and data consumers. The solution can minimize development cost and improve the utilization rate of big data with graphic development, metadata injection and a self-service data mart.

Developing internet data analysis applications enables better marketing strategies and product design and improves competitiveness and operating income. The open-source and open structure helps Heilan Group fully tap the potential of independent innovation and lay the foundation for future data strategies.

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