Is Your Data Infrastructure Ready for the Road Ahead?

Special Launch Event / Oct 12th


Hitachi Ops Center Administrator

Unify administrative operations for Hitachi storage infrastructures to rapidly configure new data services aligned to your business needs.


Simplify Storage Resource Delivery

Reduce Management Complexity

Unified configuration management to quickly deploy Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform for your business applications.

Manage More with Less

Reduce administrator time and effort to efficiently deploy and manage new storage resources.

Federated Management

Utilize common configurations to centrally manage multiple Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform systems.

Configure High Availability

Utilize common administrative workflows to manage highly available storage volumes.

Hitachi Ops Center Integration

Integrate with Hitachi Ops Center management to incorporate analytics, automation, data protection.

Fast Provisioning

Standard based API enables fast storage provisioning operations and integration with external tools.

Workload Agility

Adapt storage resource configurations easily to changing application workload requirements.