Association for Manufacturing Technology Thrives on Data

Dashboards Display Analytics

Challenge: Find a software solution that can provide data analytics and reports while allowing room for new data and technology.

Solution: Pentaho Data Integration and embedded Pentaho Business Analytics automate data processing and improve access to data.


  • Decreased wait time to integrate new data sources into their warehouse.
  • Increased business productivity by employing analysis of industry metrics.
  • Improved users’ understanding of analytics.
  • Achieved low total cost of software ownership with high functionality.

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho solutions enable AMT to grow as their data increases.

The Challenge: Find a Low-Cost Analytics Tool Able To Support Future Growth

The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) represents and promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and its members: those who design, build, sell, and service the continuously evolving technology that lies at the heart of manufacturing. To better serve the needs of this vast industry, AMT created an analytics division and a proprietary tool, MTInsight, to empower the members of their association.

The tool has grown to become a game-changing business intelligence innovation that companies use to succeed in manufacturing. MTInsight provides information on segmented markets, benchmarking surveys, industry forecasts, competitors, customers and the manufacturing supply chain. With millions of data points from multiple sources in a data management warehouse in the cloud, MTInsight provides true business intelligence with user-friendly apps and cutting-edge report packages.

AMT needed to replace costly “per-seat” licensed analytics software to reduce costs. Additionally, the company wanted to have an embedded analytics solution that would provide specialized dashboards to end users. Rapid query turn-around time would allow AMT’s platform the ability to provide near real-time access to data. The solution needed to support long-term business goals, which included mobile compatibility, member adoption, wider rollout, tradeshow lead retrieval, and better visualizations. AMT wanted a software solution that would be scalable and able to grow with analytics needs and changing technology.

The MTInsight team realized they needed improved reporting capabilities. They wanted to help their association members make decisions based on industry economic information from predefined dashboards and applications. What had started as a beta group of 20 members quickly grew to a base of more than 300 users. As a result, costs for business intelligence (BI) tools were rising and they would have to pass these costs on to subscribers. MTInsight needed to move away from “per-seat” licensing of analytical software so AMT could control costs and make the technology more broadly available.

With Pentaho, we can display real-time data in powerful, easy-to-use dashboards and even optimize it for mobile, which helps our members make informed decisions that affect their business performance.
– Julie Peppers, Project Manager, the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics

AMT now uses Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration for flat files and web servers hosting industry data. Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Business Analytics is an embedded solution that provides custom dashboards and applications to deliver targeted analytics. AMT worked with Pentaho services and consulting teams to aid with mobile extensibility and programming.

As AMT implemented Pentaho, they quickly realized its power and scalability. Once they had created new query paths and set up reporting cubes, utilizing Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) on the back end, they found that they could quickly run queries on the data wanted by their association members. This specifically required PDI to connect to either MySQL or SQL servers to pull data from sources such as government websites or economic data streams. This data is then hosted via Amazon Web Services and reported on with their proprietary tool. In this tool, MTInsight includes many custom dashboards by leveraging Pentaho’s custom dashboard team, Webdetails, to meet their customers’ needs. As the MTInsight team built out their dashboards, they realized that customizing every new app they created was unnecessary. Moreover, with Pentaho’s native HTML5 integration, they could easily extend their apps to mobile.

The Outcome: Hitachi Vantara Delivers Powerful Analytics

Members now use intuitive applications to analyze industry metrics and optimize their business processes. They have reduced query time and integrated new data sources to optimize MTInsight’s data warehouse. This has improved end-user comfort and understanding of the power of analytics. Services and support ensure that underlying analytics will run smoothly when embedded. There is a large community support for development and innovation.

An immediate benefit was the caching ability when running queries. Due to Pentaho’s use of the cache to hold data, queries that used to be cumbersome are now faster and easier for association members to display the data they need using the parameter selector options. Additionally, AMT has been able to rapidly scale their data warehouse, integrating new data sources that their members want to access. In turn, this has given their members proprietary data to help them make decisions that increase sales and decrease costs. Some customers have also reported significant increases in tradeshow leads; but, more importantly, all customers can approach data analytics with new clarity and an easy-to-use solution. MTInsight reduced time and cost of the data integration process and allowed IT resources to work on new projects.

With Pentaho, MTInsight is a scalable, low-cost solution that can ensure that AMT customers can gain value without passing on additional costs. Moreover, with Pentaho’s support and services, the MTInsight team has the expertise needed to ensure that their applications can be built in a way that provides the powerful analytics their members demand.

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