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Coopservice Uses Pentaho to Address Customer Needs










Improve visibility into the progress of services being provided to customers.



Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho business intelligence suite for data integration, reporting, analysis, and dashboards.


  • On-demand project summary dashboards for managers and customers.
  • Comprehensive view of work progress with supporting reports and analysis views.
  • Low total cost of ownership for business intelligence.
  • End-to-end BI capabilities.

Hitachi Vantara business intelligence gives Coopservice access to timely and accurate information.

The Challenge: Find a Business Intelligence Solution to Manage Data

Founded in 1981, Coopservice is a services provider to businesses and communities in the Italian Province of Reggio Emilia. Through continued innovation and rapid response to growing market demands, Coopservice offers the Italian territory a wide range of services in three business areas – cleaning and health, facility management, and security.

The proven experience and professional reliability of BNova’s team, together with Pentaho’s enterprise-class open source technology, provides the optimal combination for our company and fully satisfies our need for business intelligence.

– Walter Siri, IT Research Development and Innovation Director, Coopservice

Services range from civil and industrial cleaning, such as sanitation of hospital linens and sterilization of surgical instruments, to security services, logistics and workforce administration. With over 12,800 employees, €490M in revenue and €130M in net assets, Coopservice is a market leader in the commercial services industry in Italy.

BNova Consulting is an Italian consulting company with expertise in business Intelligence, CRM, data warehousing and content management projects. BNova’s mission is to be a partner that supports its customers on their strategic choices and development of business solutions, and they were chosen by Coopservice to help with this project.

With rising demands in the market for commercial services, Coopservice positions itself as the sole contact for managing all peripheral service activities that a customer decides to outsource, presenting its capability as a “global service” and taking full responsibility for the final results. Prior to using Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho solutions, the company found it difficult and time-intensive to integrate data from multiple sources to understand the overall status of the services being provided to customers. Likewise, Coopservice customers had limited visibility into the progress of work being delivered to them. To enhance the value for customers and provide its management team timely and accurate information, Coopservice sought a business intelligence (BI) solution to resolve these challenges.

The Solution: Pentaho Business Analytics

Given Coopservice’s broad background and desire to provide optimal value for both internal and external stakeholders, they needed a solution that offered end-to-end BI capabilities, was compatible in their environment, and fit within their budget. After evaluating products from multiple vendors, the company selected Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho business intelligence suite for its full range of capabilities, flexible architecture, and lower cost of ownership.

Utilizing all of the capabilities of the Pentaho platform, BNova quickly delivered a complete solution from data modeling and ETL design to detailed reports on the individual service activities. Dashboards, interactive analysis views and reports, all parameterized and user-profiled, are available to end users via a web application. The application serves a potential audience of 500 internal and external users, and access to individual reports and dashboards is secured based on the user’s role and permissions. The Pentaho solution runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and integrates data from Oracle and DB2 databases.

The Outcome: Business Intelligence Enhances the Customer’s Experience

With a comprehensive, up-to-date view of all work progress, Coopservice is now able to promptly respond to the needs expressed by its clients. Both its management team and its customers have access to project summary dashboards on demand, with the ability to drill into supporting detailed reports and analysis views. Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho has flexible architecture and compatibility with leading market products that minimized the technical implementation time and provided Coopservice the reporting capabilities its clients desired quickly and effectively. Pentaho’s commercial open source solution allowed operational cost management of the entire project. Most importantly, Coopservice now has a business intelligence solution that enhances the value and service provided to its clients and creates a competitive advantage for the organization.

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