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Mo’mix Solutions Embeds Hitachi Vantara Software

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Embed a reporting and analytics tool with a SaaS delivery model.



Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics allow Mo’mix Solutions to provide real-time reporting and analytics.


  • Created over 650 dashboards and reports.
  • Highly scalable solution supports unlimited user access.
  • Company customers are experiencing rapid implementation.
  • Fast ROI and quick time to production.

The Challenge: Transform Raw Data Into Insights

Mo’mix Solutions provides faster, cost-effective reporting, analysis and performance management.

Mo’mix Solutions works exclusively with public sector and higher education organizations to develop complete technology solutions that allow all departments across an organization to gain insight into performance-impacting data, meet objectives, and offer precise information to all stakeholders. They manage organizational change and processes as teams shed cumbersome and ineffective IT systems to gain enterprise-wide knowledge with new, intelligence solutions. To learn more, visit:

The combination of Pentaho’s technology, with Mo’mix Solutions’ expertise, allows us to deliver open government and transparency solutions with a rapid return on investment.

- Janice D'Aloia, Vice President, Business Development, Mo'mix Solutions

Mo’mix Solutions did not want to spend resources building analytics. Instead, they wanted to apply their domain knowledge to a powerful, prebuilt analytics platform. Additionally, the company wanted to give users ready access to enterprise information and the ability to drill down into and analyze their data. Mo’mix Solutions required a solution that provided connectivity and integration with any data source due to the variety of databases, application types and data source formats in use within public sector and higher education clients.

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics

Mo'mix Solutions ultimately chose to embed Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho platform into their cloud-based Mo'mix Performance Center. This solution provides business intelligence and reporting for financial reporting, projects/grants, HR, benefits, payroll, and CAFR management, as well as external transparency for public sector and higher education. Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) is the primary ETL tool for source-data extraction, transformation and data loading to build the Performance Center data warehouse.

PDI is used as an intermediate data source for Pentaho Report Designer, where requirements include very complex compilation of data from multiple sources. Additionally, SaaS delivery model is hosted on Amazon Web Service and a powered through an OEM partnership with Pentaho.

Built on Pentaho's tightly coupled business analytics and data integration platform, Performance Center is a business intelligence and reporting solution designed for public sector and education organizations that need greater visibility into data stored in any source such as ERP or student information systems. The cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) offering enhances both internal and external performance management for executives, staff, and even outside stakeholders. After Performance Center captures the data, it also organizes it in a way that's intuitive, accessible, and secure, and provides reports and analysis that will benefit organizations and stakeholders.

Performance Center was developed as a solution designed to meet the unique reporting and management dashboards of government and higher education organizations. With prebuilt, standard reports specific for government and higher education, executive dashboards and ad-hoc capabilities, Performance Center helps clients gain insight for better strategic planning, while also addressing specific reporting requirements such as encumbrance reconciliation, grants and awards management, payroll, and external transparency.

The Outcome: Use the Data Pipeline To Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Hitachi Vantara software is versatile for both the casual user and power user across company departments. It is a highly scalable solution with an average of 1,800-2,000 logins per month from 170 users at one client. More than 650 dashboards and reports were created using out-of-the-box metrics for government and higher education.

Mo’mix Solutions’ customers are experiencing rapid implementation: fully in production and live within two months. Examples of ROI: social services staff is saving three or more working days per month gathering reports; finance managers have reduced the time it takes to reconcile payroll and HR data by 88%. Pentaho’s unlimited user license model provides flexibility for Mo’mix Solutions clients to allow access to hundreds or thousands of users across an organization and to outside constituents.

“Pentaho’s technology allows us to cost-effectively deliver an affordable business intelligence solution with prebuilt government and higher education analyzers and reporting capabilities that facilitates an immediate return on investment,” says Erin Latham, President, Mo’mix Solutions. “By embedding Pentaho Business Analytics in Performance Center, clients save an average of 300 consulting hours per year that would otherwise be spent on closing books at year-end and preparing for outside audits.”

With Pentaho’s cloud-ready, easy-to-embed platform, Mo’mix Solutions delivered a business intelligence platform to its customers much more quickly and at significantly less cost than the typical custom development time and effort spent tailoring a business intelligence solution to meet the unique requirements of government and higher education. With Pentaho, Mo’mix gained:

  • Highly scalable solution supporting unlimited user access.
  • Unlimited user license model for cost-effective deployment to hundreds of users per client.
  • Fast ROI and quick time to production for Mo’mix clients.
  • Easy integration with a range of databases, application types and data source formats.
  • Versatility for both the casual user and power users, including executives, managers, operational staff, and casual users.

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