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Precision Medical Research Company Gains Efficiencies in Move to Cloud



PierianDx required a scalable solution that could both store and efficiently process the terabytes of raw data resulting from genomic client testing, as well as remain highly secure to comply with HIPAA.



Hitachi Vantara cloud services provided a complete service offering, including migration of the solution to a hybrid architecture in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. And managed services for the entire environment ensured HIPAA compliance.


Innovative genomics sequencing processing platform and solution that fully leverages the expertise of its clinical and biomedical research professionals.

PierianDx’s Challenges and Cloud Story

PierianDx enables clinical labs to launch or accelerate personalized medicine programs by solving two great challenges resulting from the increased use of next-generation sequence (NGS) testing: scalability and handling the complexity of larger gene sets. PierianDx addresses these challenges by enabling clinical labs to streamline workflow and access a single, integrated space that provides a curated knowledge base, comprehensive analysis, insightful interpretation and precise reporting.

This “one-space” solution is PierianDx’s Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW). This complete suite of solution modules is accompanied by support services that provide a data-driven ecosystem for clinical labs to launch or expand their NGS testing programs. Built and managed by a team of genomicists, pathologists, clinicians and software developers, PierianDx’s solution is now being used by leading academic medical centers, health systems, cancer centers, children’s hospitals and commercial labs, worldwide.

PierianDx was looking to use cloud computing as a way to economically store large data sets resulting from its clients’ NGS testing and use of CGW. Each sequence of a human genome can be approximately 100GB or more, so PierianDx needed a scalable solution that would store terabytes of raw genomic data. Furthermore, processing genomic data in an expedient and economical fashion at scale is inherently a big data storage and analytics workload.

PierianDx needed to scale compute resources in a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture to increase the speed in which results were delivered. However, the company only wanted to pay for resources it used when they were used. Additionally, the solution needed to be in an environment that meets HIPAA compliance requirements due to the sensitivity of human genome data.

Solution for PierianDx

After conducting market research and due diligence, PierianDx chose Amazon Web Services as the cloud computing platform. PierianDx also chose and Hitachi Vantara, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to create the platform on AWS, manage the solution on a day-to-day basis, and continuously maintain HIPAA compliance.

PierianDx selected Amazon Web Services due to its complete platform of web services to provision IT infrastructure globally in a self-service model. AWS provided PierianDx a way to scale big data processing clusters on Amazon EC2 while automating the genomics processing workflows.

Globus Genomics, a trusted leader in the bioinformatics and genomics processing space, referred PierianDx to Hitchi Vantara. This company and Globus Genomics had partnered previously on a HIPAA-compliant pipeline on AWS Test Drive and codeveloped a genomics processing solution. PierianDx chose the company due to its deep expertise in security, compliance and Amazon Web Services. Further, the company provided PierianDx a complete service offering that included: developing a hybrid architecture, migrating the solution into the AWS Cloud, and managing the entire environment on a daily basis while continuously meeting HIPAA compliance requirements with managed services. By being able to provide end-to-end consulting and managed services, the cloud services team from Htiach Vantara was selected as a trusted consulting and operations partner.

Cloud Benefits

PierianDx has been able to build an innovative genomics sequencing processing platform and solution that fully leverages the expertise of its clinical and biomedical research professionals. The solution does not burden the company with undifferentiated heavy lifting of IT infrastructure and management. The powerful combination of using AWS and an AWS Consulting Partner, Hitachi Vantara, to provide infrastructure, security and compliance, allows PierianDx to do what it does best: create better personalized medicine solutions for its customers.

* Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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