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Recover quicker from the Covid-19 shutdown using video analytics

recorded Speakers | Kian Abolfazlian, Client Principal, Analytics, North & Central Europe, DXC, Christian Dornacher Director, Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence EMEA, Hitachi Vantara
recorded recorded | 06/11/2020
Webinar Webinar | 56 Min

In their efforts to recuperate the economic levels of pre-COVID19 pandemic era, and while we rapidly take the necessary steps towards reopening the society, the businesses need to ensure a high level of ease-of mind for their customers and employees, as well as focusing on security, business continuity and operational excellence.
“Smart Spaces” and video analytics, has now been adapted from its core applications of enhancing end-user experience, ensuring security and enabling operational efficiency to facilitating health safety and specifically addressing the COVID19 crisis.
In this webinar, we will show how businesses can deploy 3 specific Smart Space solutions to
1) Ensure adherence to social distancing requirements,
2) Monitor hand washing compliance, and
3) Detect unusual body temp for employees as well as customers.
The solutions involve technologies such as IR thermal imaging; 3D LIDAR; and video analytics, each of which will be explained, and questions answered.

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