MultiPlan Gains Business Insight Through Analytics

Improves Healthcare Solutions

Challenge: Find an analytics solution that has strong ETL capabilities and a high degree of functionality and scalability.

Solution: Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics automate data processing and improve access to data.


  • ETL process that results in more accurate analyses.
  • Improved user experience at a low cost.
  • Superior enterprise support and services.
  • Faster, easier, more accessible big data.

Multiplan needs a comprehensive analytics tool that can connect a wide variety of different data types.

The Challenge: Find an ETL Tool That Can Process Big Data and Includes Analytics

MultiPlan is a comprehensive provider of healthcare cost-management solutions. The company sought to implement a complete, end-to-end business analytics solution with strong ETL capabilities to build and govern their NoSQL store.

Multiplan Inc.

Multiplan Inc.





Pentaho Business Analytics

Additionally, MultiPlan wanted to develop big data integration and analytical tools that can connect to semi- and unstructured data in its entirety. They also were looking for a full analytics suite with a high degree of functionality and scalability.

Directly analyzing data in MongoDB gives full sets of governed data and greater insights.
– Chris Palm, Lead Software Architecture Engineer, Multiplan Inc.

The Solution: Pentaho Business Analytics, Pentaho Data Integration

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration, with MongoDB extracts, transforms and loads portal data. They use Pentaho to govern and analyze data inside MongoDB. MultiPlan can now analyze data without having to offload to traditional relational databases. Finally, Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Business Analytics creates dashboards and reports by blending big data with traditional operations and web-server data.

The Outcome: Increased User Satisfaction That Didn’t Break the Bank

MultiPlan uses Hitachi Vantara's solution as the ETL process that assures data governance and quality and measures validation. This results in more accurate analyses of data for better business insights and more informed business decisions. This solution improved user views and insights while lowering operational costs. The company has increased user satisfaction at a low total cost of ownership. MultiPlan had a fast delivery time to market with professional services from Pentaho.

MultiPlan chose Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho solution for a number of reasons. They appreciated Pentaho's low total cost of ownership and high degree of functionality and scalability. MultiPlan values the superior enterprise-level support and professional services found at Hitachi Vantara. They also picked Pentaho for analytics with big data.

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Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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