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Lumada Industrial DataOps

Automate the process of onboarding, integrating, profiling, contextualizing, transforming, and governing IT and OT data in your data lake for meaningful analysis and more productive AI and ML solutions.


Harness IT and OT Data With Lumada Industrial DataOps

Lumada Industrial DataOps accelerates IoT application assembly and enables enterprise-wide industrial data operations and information fusion. Use this software to power reliable and actionable insights for sustainable performance improvements.

Automated Data Flow Management
Automated data pipelines are established and multiple transformations and inferences are calculated and orchestrated for you as part of the Industrial DataOps platform workflow.
Faster Analytic Deployment
Process engineers can work with data scientists, analysts, and applications consultants to unlock the combined value and make major operations improvements.
Data Quality Assurance
Automated metadata management, operations, and IT collaboration combine with data cleansing to create an industrial intelligence datahub.

Connect IT and OT in Your Industrial Operations

Leverage Hitachi’s data and industrial operations expertise to onboard OT data from any industrial system and combine with IT data, from edge to cloud.

Lumada Industrial DataOps Portfolio

IIoT Core

An open and scalable core IIoT platform foundation with edge OT protocol conversion, API integration, notification alerts and the ability to host AI/ML applications anywhere with ML services and a digital twin framework.

  • Device and application management
  • AI/ML and Digital Twin Framework
  • Automation system data integration

IIoT Analytics

IIoT Analytics are toolkits that simplify industrial IoT software solutions delivery using packaged digital twin and machine learning (ML) software services with deployable ML models.

  • Digital twins and ML services
  • Faster assembly of IIoT solutions
  • Optional simulation software integration

Data Integration and Analytics

Ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare ERP, MES, EAM, weather, and all business application data. Orchestrate data flows anywhere. Pentaho technology delivers the solution.

  • Fast data onboarding
  • Lightweight for data self-service
  • Easy data pipeline orchestration

Data Catalog

Data Catalog speeds data discovery for self-service analytics, compliance, and data rationalization across your IT and OT data stores with accelerated metadata discovery and data categorization.

  • Automatically detect data type and format
  • Tag and organize data using machine learning
  • Secure and redact specific operational data

Hitachi Image Based Inspections

Hitachi’s AI-driven image-based inspection solutions automate defect detection for Transmission and Distribution (T&D) equipment assets to lower costs, reduce risks, and enhance worker safety.

  • Reduce Risks and Downtime
  • Save Time and Cost
  • Remove Human Subjectivity

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