Hitachi Visualization Suite

Unite video, IoT data and analytics for alerts and insights that help you take smarter actions to improve safety and operations.


Unify. Respond. Analyze. Plan.

Unite Disparate Data

  • Unify video, IoT and social media data, and analytics on a single pane of glass.
  • Visualize and analyze unlimited layers of data from unlimited sources.

Gain Holistic Insights

  • Expand across departments or multiple organizations with user-specific layers.
  • Build on your investment by adding new layers over time and extending your capabilities.

Advanced Insights

  • Gain geospatial intelligence, statistical insights and predictive analytics for proactive action.
  • Interrogate your data to find correlations and causations to improve operations and safety.

Connected Intelligence, Unified

Gain visibility into smart spaces and the IoT data that empowers the decisions that make them possible – all in one place.

Hitachi Visualization Suite
Geospatial visualization of multiple data types

Visualize and overlay data on maps, from facility to citywide – wherever your data describes.

Advanced insights and dashboards

Slice, dice, and visualize your data in custom dashboards to improve tracking and planning.

Role-based permissions across departments

Provide the right data to the right people, with customizable permissions to view data.

Real time alerts from multiple systems

Combine multiple systems to gain alerts from a single source, shifting from reactive to proactive.

Integrated market leading VMSs for complete visibility

See all of your video data from multiple video management systems on one customizable video wall.

Archive and organize digital evidence for incident management

Store and organize digital files by case to improve management of crimes, accidents, and incidents.


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