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Lumada DataOps Suite:Dataflow Studio

Simplify data delivery.

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Dataflow Studio streamlines and speeds up data delivery. Enable data selfservice and collaboratively build, deploy, and monitor dataflows for faster, confident business decisions.

Improve Collaboration Between Data Engineers and Data Consumers

Is your organization struggling to transform raw data into actionable insights? Does it take you a long time to gain an understanding of your data? Are you having to deal with more data silos than you can count? Is your IT department managing a growing queue of ad hoc data requests? Welcome to the world of data gridlock.

Introducing Dataflow Studio

Dataflow Studio, a component of Lumada Data Integration, streamlines and automates your data life cycle. It enables data professionals to simplify data pipeline management, customize existing data pipelines and build them at scale.

Dataflow Studio provides an enterprise-grade cloud native console to manage data pipelines. It utilizes a highly scalable execution engine to enable self-service data discovery and access. It leverages Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) technology to enable your data engineers and data consumers to collaborate more effectively by blending data across lakes, warehouses and devices, while orchesterating dataflows in hybrid and multicloud environments. With improved dataflow visibility and tools to customize their own data, your data team can:

  • Ingest, integrate and deliver data from any source to any location, either on premises or in the cloud, easier and faster with an intuitive, no-code interface.
  • Quickly integrate and cleanse all your datasets with powerful graphical tools, parameterized data pipelines, and a rich library of data connectors.
  • Perform transformations on data for use by leading data analytics tools.
  • Improve strategic decision-making with high-quality, trustworthy data produced by both batch and real-time processing.

Orchestrate Data Flows, at Scale

Dataflow Studio empowers data engineers and data scientists to search for, customize and automate dataflows across all your data assets (see Figure 1). Administrators can visually orchestrate sophisticated data workflows with the intuitive GUI. They can manually execute dataflows on demand or schedule them for future execution. And all dataflows designed for Pentaho’s native Kettle engine and Spark can be run within a single application. Increase productivity of your non-ETL (extract, transform, load) developers with parameterized data flows. These can be used to automate common and repetitive data integration tasks. And all workflows can be executed for conventional integration and big data analytics, as well as unstructured data processing.

Monitor Your Data Flows

Dataflow Studio offers a consolidated, real-time view of all your data pipelines. This view enables your IT staff to monitor data pipelines, analyze and restart paused dataflows, view execution metrics and logs, and perform other data-monitoring activities (see Figure 2).

Within each dataflow, you can access:

  • Real-time dataflow health
  • Dataflow schedule, usage, run duration and author
  • Historical performance
  • Dataflow parameters

Lumada DataOps Suite

Dataflow Studio is part of the Lumada DataOps Suite, which provides intelligent data management for digital innovation through advanced insights based on trusted data. The suite of products is open and modular to deliver AI-driven automation and collaboration, and includes: Lumada Analytics, Lumada Data Integration, Lumada Data Catalog, Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop, and Lumada Edge Intelligence. Dataflow Studio is part of Lumada Data Integration.

Learn how to empower your engineers, stewards and analysts. Request a demo to see how the Limited Availability Dataflow Studio can support your data democratization initiatives.

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