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Increase analytic innovation,self-service discovery and ensure compliance

Lumada DataOps: Data Catalog

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Enable Analytic Innovation with Trusted Data Through Profiling, Discovery, Privacy, and Search With Data Catalog.

Unlock analytic innovation, self-service discovery and compliance

Has your organization struggled to trust your data for decision making? Has protecting sensitive data, getting the right data into the hands of the right users and responding quickly to regulatory requests become imperative? Is the lack of data literacy and data fluency holding back use of data? Struggling with what to keep on premises vs cloud with growing costs? Does your business thirst to gain value from all this data and drive new customer experiences, unlock new revenue streams, and streamline back-office operations? Welcome to the world of data overflow.

Introducing Data Catalog

Part of Hitachi’s Lumada DataOps, Data Catalog lets data engineers, data scientists and business users speed up time to value from captured data. Data owners can leverage AI driven capability to provide insights to thee data and make it easily discoverable while also adding sensitivity and quality information to build trust Also, it enables IT administrators eliminate unintended redundant data.

Data Discovery for Self-Service Analytics

Patented fingerprinting technology that leverages AI and machine learning (ML) automatically populates data catalogs. This approach reduces the manual effort required to discover and tag all enterprise data, leading to faster insights (see Figure 1).

  • Discover all of your data across the enterprise: Automatically discover data across the enterprise, including “dark” data missed by manual tagging. 
  • Ensure accurate data: ML-driven discovery and automated tagging, which can include user-created tag libraries, reducing risk of manual processing errors. 
  • Access enterprise big data to drive insights: Access data of all types from across the enterprise without writing a line of code, eliminating the guesswork in how data can be combined before data preparation.
Sensitive Data Risk Management

Automatically detect, tag and secure sensitive data across the enterprise, lowering the cost of regulatory compliance and reducing the risk of financial penalties. Rapidly respond to evolving regulations, such as the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

  • Immediately secure sensitive data:

    Automatically identify and secure sensitive data as it flows into or is created within your enterprise or data lake.

  • Automate compliance: Track metadata

    required for regulatory compliance, such as intended use, content type and retention period for each dataset, to eliminate violation risk.

  • Close security gaps: Integrate your

    existing data security and privacy solutions for access control, masking and encryption.

Deliver Data Trust

Deliver trusted data and knowledge that your organization’s data is fit for purpose and ready to act on. (see Figure 2)

  • Command of data fluency:  Gain common understanding though a rich, tangible business glossary. Collaborate cross-functionally through terms, properties and annotations.
  • Improve data quality: Quickly assess your critical quality metrics. Define your data quality in the language of your business and automate with holistically applied data quality policies.
  • Add more insights with data lineage: The catalog uniquely surfaces hidden lineage from your data, providing users with additional insights to select the best available data for their projects.
Lumada DataOps

Lumada DataOps delivers intelligent data management for data professionals to experience data and build data products managing all data from capture to publish. Open and modular, it delivers AI-driven automation and collaboration, and includes: Data Integration and Analytics, Data Catalog, and Data Optimizer for Hadoop. Lumada DataOps is built with Pentaho technology that includes Pentaho Business Analytics and PentahoData Integration.

Accelerate digital innovation with intelligent data management to democratize access to trusted data at low cost from edge to multicloud. Deliver automation and collaboration across your enterprise data fabric.

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