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Lumada DataOps: Embedded Analytics

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The Lumada DataOps Pentaho Business Analytics technology weaves analytics into the fabric of business operations and software applications, democratizing access to governed data to a wider audience.

Pentaho Embedded Analytics 

Pentaho technology enhances the usability, value and competitive differentiation of information-centric software and packaged applications through a complete range of business intelligence and data visualization capabilities. Enterprises, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and software partners choose Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho technology for: 

  • Attractive and intuitive visualizations for end users. 
  • Easy-to-embed technology for internal developers. 
  • The right licensing, pricing and business terms. 
  • Extensible visualization libraries and configuration. 
  • Multitenancy to deliver secure data at the point of need. Our services team offers software partners a pragmatic approach for embedding advanced visual analysis, reporting and dashboards in as little as eight weeks.

Customer Spotlight

Marketo, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader in marketing automation, planned to build competitive differentiation by adding a new business analytics product. With aggressive deadlines, Marketo’s product team needed a proven technology that was not only battle-tested, but also easy for its developers to learn and implement.

  • Development and launch in just eight weeks! 
  • New revenue stream through extending Marketo’s core product suite. 
  • Compelling visualizations – aligned with Marketo’s vision for end-user experience Accelerated Assembly Tools

Why Hitachi Vantara?

  • Expert services to accelerate go-to-market timetable. 
  • Product road map transparency and alignment with Marketo’s strategy. 
  • Easy integration with Marketo’s security features and simple rebranding of the software

Integration Options That Streamline Implementation

The Pentaho technology architecture allows you to take advantage of low-impact integration strategies that accelerate the delivery of sophisticated analytics without significant development time. With basic HTML skills, you can change the look and feel of an application to match your style and branding. To customize your solution, Pentaho’s open architecture and open-source architecture offer the power to easily extend the platform for your unique requirements.

Analytics With Your Look and Feel

  • Pentaho is a separate app with your branding. 
  • Links from your app to Pentaho reports and analysis (optional). 
  • Single sign-on for seamless user experience (optional). 


  • Integrated End-User Experience. 
  • Pentaho inside your existing UI. 
  • Your app includes the Pentaho user console, reports and analysis. 
  • Single sign-on creates a seamless experience. 


  • Customize Your Integration and Analytics.
  • Connections to custom data sources. 
  • Add your own new visualizations. 
  • Customize security hierarchies.
  • Replace Pentaho rules engine. 


  • Direct App Integration. 
  • Integrated with your app server. 
  • Pentaho code directly embedded into your app. 
  • Pentaho uses Java APIs in your app.

Technology Highlights
  • Connect to virtually any data source for immediate reporting. 
  • Web services APIs for easy integration with other apps. 
  • Rich security, authentication and single sign-on capabilities. 
  • Multitenant, multicloud-ready technology. 
  • Open-source architecture ideal for augmenting and customizing. 
  • Connect to virtually any data source on premises or in the cloud for immediate reporting.

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