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Precision Medicine Platform

Accelerated Research Data & Collaboration Platform



The medical community generates tremendous volumes of data through patient records, scientific research, and clinical studies that when taken together hold the potential to accelerate discovery and development of therapeutic treatments, and, inform new approaches to prevent or slow disease progression.  Researchers often spend their valuable time and fixed budgets searching for or replicating data. The American Heart Association (AHA) and Hitachi Vantara’s goal was to develop a platform to help researchers more easily discover data and collaborate, ultimately accelerating research and drug discovery.

Solution Overview

Our ambition is to vastly improve patient outcomes by providing faster access to data, state-of-the-art tools, technologies and innovations that enable data sharing and discovery. The Precision Medicine Platform has been designed to implement that vision by including a vast array of curated, rich and distributed datasets, which are centrally accessed, searched, analysed and shared by researchers, and securely managed in the cloud.

The platform for Researchers and Clinicians to securely aggregate and analyse a rich breadth and depth of data, including longitudinal cohorts, population studies, clinical data registries and patient-generated data, proteomic, genomic and gene-expression data.

The Precision Medicine Platform offers cloud-computing, diverse datasets, data harmonization, and secure workspaces equipped with state of the art analytics tools, such as artificial intelligence, to researchers around the globe.

Its focus is to create and enable a community effort in the field of science, to accelerate solutions that positively impact millions of lives.

A secure, readily accessible, and scalable environment

Enabling grantees and research partners to access hosted data and run analysis to glean scientific insights to improve treatment and outcomes for patients. Its focus on:

  • Prevention: identify cohorts at risk and address before disease onsets
  • Early Diagnosis: identify risk factors or mutations that lead to disease progression and if delayed require invasive treatment
  • Treatment: identify tailored treatment, which is more effective, cost-effective, and requires less recovery time
  • Recovery Quality of Life: accelerates recovery time, associates the right medication to support recovery or remission

The platform will harness the power of big data to revolutionize the way cardiovascular research is performed and speed the promise of precision cardiovascular medicine. Hitachi Vantara cloud services were instrumental in bringing to life a rich and diverse data marketplace where researchers can work collaboratively and securely, to advance cardiovascular outcomes with the speed and precision that has not been possible until now. 

-Jen Hall, PhD, Chief of the Institute of Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, American Heart Association 

Solution Highlights

Accelerated Research with Key Data Sets

Once published, the harmonized datasets are available for search and discovery via the portal. An intricate search and filter capability enabling researchers to find relevant datasets based on search criteria and data trends.d

Custom Research Environment

Once a researcher has been granted access to a dataset, a custom environment is created in the AWS Cloud, providing a secure environment that includes a variety of popular data science tool sets. The researcher has an enhanced environment (data, tools and infrastructure) to work with.

Controlled Secure Data Access

Data is uploaded to the platform and stored in the discovery portal. A “white glove” process is established with the data provider to ensure all data is ingested into the platform and controlled in a secure manner.

Research Collaboration

Provide access channel to enable scientists to directly engage to improve experience of procuring, exploring, and analyzing health data, while optimizing cost.

We would be delighted to work with you and receive your input as to how you can see the research platform benefiting your organisation in a similar approach to the American Heart Association. We would happy to share this case study as a model of best research practice. For more information please contact

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