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Supply Chain Control Tower Solutions to Conquer Disruption

Make Resilience, Responsiveness and Agility Your Competitive Advantages

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Managing the complexity of your supply chain is an enormous challenge. Changing consumer behaviors, suppliers with independent systems and digital transformation limit your end-to-end visibility even during the best of times. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that global supply chains are especially vulnerable. Unpredictable events can cut off sources of raw materials, create geographical barriers, threaten transportation and change consumer demand. Traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems may not provide visibility and adaptability across the extended, fragmented chain without additional extensions. Businesses unprepared for these risks will fall behind competitors who saw change coming. Stay ahead of these supply chain disruptions with solutions for intelligent, digital supply chain control towers for end-to-end visibility and data-rich insight. With a supply chain control tower solution, you can anticipate and plan for disruption, creating resilience and giving yourself an edge over competitors.

High-Risk Disruption to Supply Chains Threatens Your Bottom Line

Managing supply chains in times of disruption requires a different focus. Your entire network may require reconfiguration, alternative supply routes and different suppliers, new components, reconfigured assembly lines, contract manufacturers, or new routes to market. If you've analyzed your supply chain's flexibility and adaptability, understand the potential risks and build in the appropriate resilience, you'll stand the greatest chance of managing effectively through the disruption.

It only takes one disruption in a global supply chain to set off a chain of events that could have been alleviated with deep data and predictive insights.

Supply Chain Control Towers That Predict Disruption To Build Autonomous Resilience

With a supply chain control tower solution powered by Hitachi’s Lumada Manufacturing Insights, you can optimize your supply chain and track indicators to anticipate disruption. Hitachi’s digital supply chain solutions integrate data and information across your supply chain, from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer. Reach beyond your ERP for borderless visibility fueled by autonomous monitoring and tracking. Hitachi’s solutions are embedded with process intelligence so you can monitor your processes, use IoT sensors for tracking and quality assurance, and generate predictive algorithms to recognize and mitigate disruption.

We work with you to co-create the right approach. Our solutions are modular and highly configurable so you can build the resilience to withstand disruption and the agility to capitalize on opportunities.

Highly Configurable, Extensible Modules Customized for Your Needs

Risk Monitoring and Decision Support

This foundational module gives you end-to-end visibility across your supply chains and real-time, autonomous monitoring so you can quantify risk and prioritize controls for your specific risk profile.

Gain deeper insights into leading risk indicators so you can predict and mitigate disruption and build resilience

Optimized Operational Data

Lumada Manufacturing Insights serves as the digital foundation for near real-time analytics, visualization, and notification, even in environments with intermittent connectivity, by leveraging systems and sensors that connect from edge to core.

Build a digital foundation that intelligently analyses data to support data-driven decision-making for your supply chain management.

Procurement Tracking and Predictive Supply

Analyze trends throughout the entire procurement process, from requisition to supplier acceptance and order tracking. In-depth trend analysis allows you to predict supply reliability while assessing and mitigating the impact of disruption.

Track procurement to anticipate changes and address potential supply issues before they happen.

Materials Tracking and Predictive Quality

Use specialized sensors to track products and components while also monitoring specific quality parameters and macro-level risks such as extreme weather events, political unrest, or transportation malfunctions — all with real-time reporting.

Deliver on time, every time, with autonomous, predictive delivery modeling that identifies risks and anomalies and prescribes mitigating action.

Hitachi Understands the Business Opportunities for Agile, Resilient Supply Chains


Because we're also a manufacturer, we know that data-driven resilience, rapid responsiveness and predictive agility in your supply chain aren't optional — they're strategic imperatives. Our supply chain control tower solutions provide end-to-end visibility, real-time insights enriched with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and prescriptive algorithms that go beyond simple decision support.

Key Data Points

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics so you can integrate vast amounts of data for deeper insights.
  • A comprehensive, autonomous and predictive view of risks so you can build supply chain resilience.
  • Highly configurable modules and collaborative co-creation for customized solutions.
  • Extensible solutions so you can develop supply chain capability continuously at your own pace.
  • Deep experience across industries that goes beyond your ecosystem to support nimble, competitive supply chains.

Hitachi’s expertise can mean the difference between reacting to the next disruption and predicting the future of the supply chain — for any business, at any starting point.

44% of organizations lacked a clear strategy for dealing with supply-chain disruption, according to a survey published by the Institute for Supply Management in March 2020. Almost 75% of companies surveyed reported a disruption in their supply chains because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: “75% of Companies in ISM Virus Survey Report Supply Chain Disruptions,” Industry Week, March 11, 2020.

Next Steps

Conquering disruption and creating a resilient, agile supply chain requires the right partner with the right expertise for your business. Hitachi pairs decades of experience managing its own complex, global supply chains with highly configurable solutions and collaborative co-creation to ensure a partnership customized to your needs. Start big or start small, but start now.

Learn more about where a fully optimized supply chain fits into your overall digital transformation.

Ensure that your data is unlocking value across your business with Lumada.

Read more about disruption's impact in a digital context and what Hitachi can do to help.

Minimize risk and plan for disruption by taking the next step on your digital supply chain journey today.


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