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The Vantage Point: Amsterdam City Archive and Data Matters

In this podcast we offer you a unique perspective on the future of digital innovation. Take a fascinating journey through the history of one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities. Discover an intriguing way of capturing – and rolling out the city’s archives.

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The Vantage Point: Amsterdam City Archive and Data Matters

The Amsterdam City Archive is housed in one of the largest municipal archives in the world. Containing outstandingly beautiful collections of art, moments in history and artefacts, it was no mean feat when the archive team were tasked with making the information more accessible – and more secure – for the public to enjoy from anywhere.

In this podcast learn how it was achieved, with an in-depth conversation between Sander Ijzanovitch and Bert de Vries, from the Amsterdam city archive – along with Paul Schindeler, CEO of Data Matters – a Hitachi partner and digital storage and archiving expert.
And discover Hitachi’s role in this large-scale digitization initiative that would prove to be one of the most ambitious in the world – and gain a unique perspective on the future of digital innovation.

Listen to the fascinating conversation today and join us on a landmark journey that digitized Europe’s history.


Gareth Kershaw


Speaker 1 Gareth Kershaw (00:00):

Hello everybody. Thank you for tuning in and welcome to the vantage point. It's a podcast from Hitachi Ventura offering what we hope are some unique perspectives on the future of digital infrastructure.Um, today I am joined by Paul Schindeler by Sander Ijzanovitch and by Bert de Vries, whose names I have probably butchered, but what I'd like you to do first and foremost guys is perhaps, uh, introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about what you do.

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