13 mins | January 20, 2020

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Cloud?

Overcome Cloud Technology Challenges With Proven Practices

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Speed access to better insights into customers and markets while reducing risk using a tested, trusted cloud technology road map to guide deployment.


Gary Breder

Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Solutions and Services at Hitachi Vantara

Breder is leading the transformation of Hitachi Vantara in the development, marketing and go-to-market of outcome-based cloud, analytics and IoT solutions, and managed services.

Jeremy Brisiel

Chief Creative Officer of Swelloquent Arts

Brisiel is an award-winning writer, producer and host with over 20 years of experience delivering creative content to audiences around the world.


This is the Studio NEXT podcast. I'm your host, Jeremy Brisiel. Thanks for being with me. You should be very excited because our guest coming up now is going to be a great conversation. I know for a fact, because I've talked to a him little bit already. Gary Breder, Director of Product Marketing.
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