How Do We Move Beyond Hype with IoT? - Studio NEXT Podcast | Hitachi Vantara

How Do We Move Beyond the Hype With IoT? See Where the Rubber Meets the Road

An Inside Look At The Digital And Physical IoT World

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Learn how IoT-enabled analytics provides the intelligence needed to facilitate faster decision-making at the every level, in every type of organization.

Bjorn Andersson

Senior Director of Global IoT Marketing at Hitachi Vantara

Bjorn Andersson is the Senior Director of Global IoT Marketing at Hitachi Vantara. He is a leader in IoT and industries marketing, accelerating go-to-market (GTM) for innovative solutions that combine advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT and deep industry expertise to ultimately enable safer, smarter and healthier societies.

Jeremy Brisiel

Chief Creative Officer at Swelloquent Arts

Jeremy Brisiel is Chief Creative Officer at Swelloquent Arts. An award-winning writer, producer and host, he has more than 20 years of experience delivering creative content to audiences around the world.

Steve Garbrecht

Technical Product Marketing Director, IoT, at Hitachi Vantara

He is an expert on IoT edge technologies (software and hardware) and use cases to drive messaging and highlight differentiation through compelling content and sales tools that inform and highlight the value of our solutions. Working with plant managers, controls engineers, reliability managers, CIOs, CTOs, CSOs and CDOs, he helps them through the adoption curve of digital technology, to drive meaningful change in their operations.


This is the studio next podcast. I'm your host, Jeremy Brisiel. I-O-T are three letters that have had a lot of impact in the last several years and will continue to do so. The internet of things is filled with things. That's the technical aspect of it. We're talking much more about it in much more detail with two great guests today. Let's meet them. Introduce yourself and let us know what you do.

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