Is Your Data Infrastructure Ready for the Road Ahead?

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13 mins | January 23, 2020

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Public and Private Cloud

Performance Concerns When Blending Public and Private Cloud

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Many companies use a mix of private and public cloud. Hear how the right platform can offer enterprise-class performance that’s sustainable at scale.


Sylvain Gaugry

Leads Services Sales for the EMEA Southern Region of Hitachi Vantara

Sylvain Gaugry leads Services Sales for the EMEA Southern Region (including France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal) of Hitachi Vantara, promoting both our Professional Services and Managed Services offerings to our customers and partners, supporting and helping them on their Digital Transformation journeys.

Jeremy Brisiel

Chief Creative Officer at Swelloquent Arts.

Jeremy Brisiel is an award-winning writer, producer and host he has more than 20 years of experience delivering creative content to audiences around the world.


This is the Studio NEXT podcast. I'm your host Jeremy Brisiel. And if you've been in this space at all, you've heard public cloud, you've heard private cloud, you've heard multicloud. Let's talk all clouds with our next guest. If you'd be so kind to introduce yourself and what you do, we can dig down into this subject.
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