Take a Look at Women in Leadership With Nirvana Farhadi

How Listening, Hearing And Empathy Create Better Leaders

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Explore why mentoring unique individuals and celebrating different personalities, characters and goals, is good for women in leadership and Hitachi.


Jeremy Brisiel

Chief Creative Officer at Swelloquent Arts.

Jeremy Brisiel is an award-winning writer, producer and host, he has more than 20 years of experience delivering creative content to audiences around the world.

Nirvana Farhadi

Global Head of Financial Services RegTech, Risk and Regulatory Compliance Affairs, for Hitachi Vantara

Nirvana Farhadi is the business owner and strategic leader for Hitachi's Financial Services RegTech business.


This is the Studio NEXT podcast. I'm your host Jeremy Brisiel. It's time to talk about women in leadership. So let's bring in a woman in leadership. We've had the opportunity to talk to her before we're having to do it again, Nirvana Farhadi. Thanks for being with us. Once again.
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