Advanced Visualizations

Gain greater insights through visual representations of blended data that go beyond two-dimensional visualizations to enable faster, better-informed decisions.

Visualization Plug-Ins

Check out visualizations that can be downloaded and plugged into the Pentaho platform for faster decision-making.

Cross Filter

Simultaneously slice and dice attributes of large datasets.


Analyze trends across a large data set.


Discover structure and patterns in complex data.


Review hierarchical data through a visual representation.


Explore relationships among groups of entities.

Parallel Coordinates

Analyze and filter data across many measures simultaneously.


View percentage changes for a collection of points in a time series based on a selected index point.


Form a heatmap in the layout of a calendar.

Tag Cloud

Visualize the importance of text data signified by font size or color.


See stages in a sales process and potential revenue for each stage.

Packed Circles

Use circular containment to represent hierarchy.

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